9 Hottest Tail Butt Plugs (UPDATED JUNE 2018!)

Are you a beautiful fox? Or a cute kitten? Or a lovely bunny? How about a puppy? Either way, you *definitely* need a tail butt plug.

Everyone needs a cute fluffy tail, whether you’re new to petplay or an experienced player.

Check out this article for the 9 best tails of 2018!

These beautiful, LONG tails are our best-selling tail. They’re 78cm long (30 whole inches), and they’re available in a variety of solid colors.

If you want your tail to drape along the ground like a proud fox, this is the tail for you. They’re 100% artificial fur, so they’re vegan and totally ethical. All our customers have been extremely satisfied, they say they’re extremely fluffy and stay together well.

Those looking for a more medium-length fox tail might be thrilled about this one. It’s popular as well, but it doesn’t have the same drape-on-the-ground length that our giant tail does.

You still get our signature Tail Plugs commitment to quality, as well as some seriously dazzling colors to choose from. Check it out!

Ah, the bunny tail. An elegant classic of the tail family.

For those who like to nom on carrots and hop around like cute little bunnies–if that’s you you might also find our carrot wand particularly useful! We have some great bunny tail colors–it’s easy to try out and see if you have an inner bunny side.

Coming in at number 3, this beautiful, thick fox tail butt plug is for the more sophisticated and elegant foxes out there. It is 40cm long—about 14 inches–and features thick and fluffy that is sure to inspire awe.

The white tip is another characteristic feature. It’s perfect for a fox who knows what they want!

The fashionable eveningwear of tail butt plugs, this blue and black thick plug would pair elegantly with a sexy suit or bondage wear. It has a stunning color to it that almost looks natural.

Blue is meant to be an erogenous color–check out this tail today.

We all know that unicorns have rainbow tails. So obviously, you have to have a rainbow tail butt plug in order to be a good unicorn! Ours come with either silicone or stainless steel plugs (up to you), so everyone can be the unicorn they’ve dreamt of being. Neeeeeeigh!!
It’s traditionally quite difficult to find tails like this–thick and dense tails like an adorable cat. I personally LOVE them. This one comes with a tiny little bow and bell, so that your master will know exactly when you’re coming! That’s helpful. I think they’re really cute and great for good kitties everywhere.

Good ponies and horses everywhere have very specific requirements, which are quite different from the more “typical” fox tail plugs. I say “typical” in quotes, because pony play is JUST as important as fox play (as any pony will tell you…or maybe they’ll just say “Neeeeeeeigh!” instead)

This one has beautiful blonde horse hair, perfect for any pony. Be your master’s little pony tonight! 

Who’s a good boy?? Who’s been a good girl? Puppy play makes SO much sense–it’s very easy to reward lil dogs for good behavior and punish them for bad. Any serious puppy player is going to need a silicone tail, which you can get here. It’s a nice length–not too long, but also long enough that it moves when you wiggle your little puppy butt.