ABDL Onesies: Choosing The Perfect Adult Onesie (UPDATED 2018!)🔥

How To Choose The Perfect Onesie

Whether you are just getting started in the world of ABDL or DD/lg, or a veteran of one or both of these BDSM subcultures, every little or adult baby will tell you that onesies really are a fantastic littlespace item.

While it is important to know that the gear does not make you more or less valid in your space, there are some benefits! Not only do they help to get you into and to stay in littlespace, they are useful outside of that subspace, too!

Sometimes it is a little bit easier to face the day with a bit of discrete little gear as you power your way through adulting, and having a versatile onesie is one of the best ways to do that!

I have found that pairing a onesie with a skirt or a skirted romper allows me to feel a little bit more whimsical while doing groceries and running everyday errands. I

have received nothing but compliments on what other (often very vanilla) adults see as “cute attire”.

So what do you need to know to start? Where should you go for the perfect onesie?

Hopefully I will be able to shed some light on this and give you some great places to check out as you journey into littlespace!

Before You Begin

Before you make your first or any onesie purchase, it is really important to know your size.

If you buy a fit that is too small, it will be tight and uncomfortable, and may not even snap closed properly! And of course, on the contrary, if you purchase one that is too big it will feel like you are swimming in it.

There is nothing more upsetting than an ill-fitting garment. You’ll want something that is justttt right.

The important places to measure are:

  • Chest – measure around your chest at the fullest part of your chest. This will ensure that it is not squeezing in the top.
  • Waist – measure around your natural waist.  If you have a bit of a pear shape, add in a few extra inches just to accommodate and for a better, more natural fit.
  • Hips – measure around the fullest part of the hips/bottom to ensure comfort in the crotch region. Also keep in mind if you wear diapers you may want to size up or contact the company to see if they suggest sizing up.
  • Length – measure from shoulder to mid crotch to get the proper length. This is important so that you can make sure the garment is not too short.

Most onesies have a great deal of stretch but always keep in mind if you are stretching towards the upper size limits, it may be best to move up a size just to ensure comfort.

If you prefer your onesies to be more form fitting then remain within your size bracket.

It is important to know and understand how different fabrics work. A cotton blend with polyester will have a bit of stretch, but remember that there is the risk with cotton of shrinking.

Elastane and spandex give even more stretch and decrease the likelihood of shrinkage. Polyester-based blends may have stretch and less possibility of shrinkage, but do not breathe nearly as well as cotton.

A 100% cotton onesie can be very soft, but you will have to be careful about how you care for it. Keep all this in mind when you are choosing the perfect onesie for you.

The next step is to choose a shop to purchase from. This is the hard part! There are so many great shops out there, big and small, with wonderful products and prints – so how do you know where to start!  

Here is a list of shops I have either purchased from personally or have followed and researched for quite some time to get you started!

ABDL Onesie Stores:

Onesies Downunder

onesies downunder abdl onesie

Onesies Downunder is personally my go-to when it comes to onesies. I already own 4 onesies ans a Tu-Sie from them! They are a company that cares deeply about their customer base, is always timely with their responses, supports artists within the ABDL and DD/lg communities, and offers a range of sizes from XS to 4XL.

 Their onesies breathe and move with you, and have a great deal of stretch without causing the image to warp. They are dyed in a way that means you will not see white lines and spaces through the colour of the garment as it stretches. The prints are opaque and the fabric is thick enough that it is not see through when stretched either.

Their size chart is true to size, which means a reliable fit every time.

Onesies Downunder has a website to order from as well as an Instagram page that features other littles and adult babies who have purchased their items. From small to big, you will certainly find someone with your body type amongst the ranks of customers so you can have a better idea of the fit. Plus they have promoters you can get discount codes from to lower the price.

Shipping is discrete and very fast. Although a bit pricey, you will receive your order within 4 business days. Coming from Australia, that is an amazing feat in and of itself. Prices range from $17.66 USD for plain onesies, from $28.29 to $35.30 USD for printed onesies, capping at the most expensive garment – the TuSie – a onesie fitted with a tulle tutu – priced at $35.38 USD.

All things considered, this really is a shop to see.

Littles In Lace

littles in lace logo

A company that started out with some of the most adorable pacifiers, paci clips, bibs and sensory cubes, this shop has grown exponentially over the few months it has been open. It is certainly thriving, and with their amazing design, creativity and variety, you can easily see why.

When it comes to garments, they offer some adorable bloomers in two prints (bunny and dinosaur), a cute pastel dress and two onesies. Their size availability ranges from garment to garment, but their onesies come in sizes XS to 4XL, which covers a wide range.

They, too, have a website for purchasing and an Instagram where they feature their promoters, allowing you the chance to really visualize how their products may fit on your body. I have only heard good things about their sizing and product.

Currently, they only have 2 different onesie prints available, ranging from $36.99 to $38.99 USD. But, as a company that has made itself a firm spot in the community, I imagine you will see much more from them in the future.

LiL Kink Boutique

lil kink boutique abdl boutique

This shop has been around for quite some time and is really very much a veteran one-stop-littles-shop. You can find anything from bottles, sippy cups, onesie, rompers, pacifiers, pacifier clips, dresses, shakers, adult diapers and covers, skirts, socks, sensory toys… need I say more?

They have a website to purchase from and an Instagram page to view their products, however neither do their product justice. The website is a bit hard to navigate and not the most aesthetically pleasing. The same goes for their Instagram.

But the actual product they produce is adorable, whimsical, and well wrought.

There has been a little concern expressed about their sizing.

Each garment is not sized in the same manner – however each garment does come with its own size chart.

The attire is made true to each size chart – so do not assume because you are an XL in one shop that you will be the same here. Definitely check each individual chart to know what size would be best for you.

Their range, however, is impressive – some of their onesies and rompers go up to 5XL making them the most size inclusive company thus far.  

I have my eye on their Alice in Wonderland romper – a skirted onesie. Go give it a look! I am sure they will not disappoint.


The one thing I do love about Littletude is that their prints are like those of child onesies but in adult sizes. There you will find adorable prints like their “way beyond cute” onesie or their “zoo animals” onesie that have pictures that look like they have been designed by a toddler – which I say as a compliment.

The prints are designed to make you feel small, which is pretty integral when in little space. They are also amusing with cute phrases across the torso that bring a smile to one’s face.

Not necessarily the best for wearing out in public due to the nature of some of the text, they do offer long-sleeved onesies in pink and white and yellow and white that can be worn in public so you can still feel little when out on the town.

They do not offer the largest range, covering sizes from XS to 3XL, but from what I hear they are true to size and comfortable to wear.

Their onesies are reasonably priced at $24.99 USD and they often have sales.

They have an Instagram you can browse and a  website to purchase from, but their onesie are also available on Amazon, which means fast shipping!

Baby Your Doll

baby your doll little space onesie

There is something about this shop that just makes me smile.

It is sweet in that way that seems to cater to a more innocent and softer aesthetic which I really love. It gives me a warm, welcoming and comforting vibe, which, in my opinion, is very important when it comes to one’s little space.

 While it is great to be fun and excitable, sometimes you just want to settle down in a comfy onesie with your favourite bedtime story and enjoy some downtime. That is what you get with Baby Your Doll.

I have had personal experience with rhis company, and while their website only offers a small range of sizes (S-XL), they do offer custom onesies that are usually $5.00-$10.00 more, depending on various options.

The price, however, does not increase with size, which is very fair. You can ask for short sleeves or long sleeves, a specific print, neckline, fit. You will be asked to provide specific measurements so be prepared to have those ready or to get them to hasten along the process.

Not much of a onesie little? They offer two piece short and t-shirt pajama sets, crop tops and bloomers, and even adorable babydoll negligees and dresses that will be just as effective in making you feel little.

The price tag is a little steeper than other places ($33.00-$41.00 USD), and their custom orders take a bit of time, but expect the end result to be a onesie that is the perfect fit, crafted with care.

Littles Laboratory

littles laboratory

This is a very new company on the rise, and one that certainly started with a big bang. While there was quite a bit of drama surrounding the owner and that of another shop (Little Space Place mentioned below), once those fires were doused, the shop took off, offering two things that no other onesie company has given this community before…

They are the first adult onesie company to introduce milk silk as something of a miracle fabric – amazing amounts of vertical and horizontal stretch without warping of the image or color, a fabric made from recycled milk that is environment friendly, sturdy, soft – all the things a little could hope for.

The colors of their prints pop vibrantly and there has been no utterance of pilling or fade.  They offer sizes that range from XXS to 4XL, making them very inclusive.

And their theme – the second unseen and something that was sorely lacking within the community – represents the geeky littles out there who enjoy brainy pursuits! Nerdy prints with happy and grumpy brains, science equations, conspiracy and philosophical theories – and so much more.

Their main success has been with the introduction and sale of their mental health onesie.

People within the community are polarized on this print – some believe it brings awareness to a very important group of illnesses that are often invisible and are not given the understanding and facetime they deserve, while others believe it romanticizes or makes light of mental illness.

Either way it is bringing mental health awareness to the forefront, where it belongs – getting discussed and debated, and giving littles everywhere the courage to do the most important and helpful thing – talk about their own experiences with mental illness and seek others out so they know they are not alone in their fight. Plus proceeds go to a non-profit mental health service which I think is pretty nifty.

All things considered and drama aside – their prices are reasonable ($32.50 USD), and while they only have two prints out yet (and three more in the works), they are doing big things and paving the way for other companies that want to veer from the usual pastels and cutesy prints to something a little more quirky and relatable.

Little Space Place

little space place logo

There has been quite a bit of controversy following this shop for the past few months. Sadly, drama is something that comes with any community of people.

Little Space Place was known for their cute designs, however it came to light that these designs were not sourced fairly and the artists were not compensated for their work, or even informed that their designs would be used in the kink community. That is a bigggg no-no.

They closed their shop for a short amount of time while they got everything back in order – including paying the artists for their work, taking down the onesies that artists did not consent to, employing one of the artists as their main print artist, and apologizing to the community for the wrongs they committed.

If you feel like giving this company a second chance, I hear they are making the move to milk silk, and will be improving their sizes. I myself have never purchased from them, though I have heard mixed reviews regarding the sizing and fit of their garments, as well as the quality of the print (fading, fuzziness, etc.), but perhaps with the new fabric and hopefully a new outlook, these and other problems will be issues of the past.

 There is nothing available on their website right now, or their Instagram, so it is hard to say whether they will find a way to reinvent themselves.


Envy Body Shop Little Space

This shop is fairly new to the community. Originally a shop that sells lingerie, they have expanded their reach to include the ABDL and DD/lg communities to provide onesies.

Their website is a little hard to navigate, and it is obvious that onesies are not their specialty, but what they do have seems to be making its presence known in the community.

Boasting cute onesies made of cotton/spandex blend that range in price from $28.99-$32.99 USD and have cute designs like baby lambs, little bunnies and alpacas, they could certainly be a contender.

There have been some complaints about fit and craftsmanship – many stating that the sizes run a little bit small (which is evident from their size chart) – they claim after some recent and rather public issues that they are currently in the process of switching their manufacturer to an American-based company which they are hoping will help improve any size and make issues they encountered before. Hopefully this will include an increase in their size range and better customer service in the future as well.

In Conclusion…

There are new shops popping up every day – some that will last the tell of time, and others that do not even get the chance to lift off from the ground.

Whatever you choose, make sure you do your research: check the type of fabrics they use and figure whether they will stretch and whether there is a chance of them shrinking in the wash; see if they have testimonials, message their promoters and other customers that they highlight to see what their experiences are.

Be diligent! Onesies are definitely a luxury item and you can spend anywhere from $30.00 to $70.00 getting one – so make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

I hope you have found this to be helpful and informative! Let me know about your own onesie experiences below! If you know of other shops to check out, mention those too!

Stay good, everybaby!


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