Butt Plugs: Everything You Need To Know (and waaay more!)


Butt plugs are one of the coolest and easiest ways to spice up your sex life! Anal sex can be a great pleasure, and add a spice to an otherwise dull relationship. It’s a very common practice, but also one that requires a bit of instruction. In this guide we’re going to get to the bottom of everything you need to enjoy anal play with butt plugs.

Unlike clitoral or penile stimulation, anal stimulation can be a little tricky in the pleasure department. If it’s too fast, everything tightens up. If it’s too dry, cuts and tears are likely. If there’s too much movement, it can truly be a little sickening. Whether you are a male or a female, if you want to feel yourself on the edge of explosion with anal intercourse and are looking to try out sex toys particular to anal stimulation, then look no further than butt plugs. Whether you’re looking for a rimming feeling, or penetration  that will bang your socks off, there is a trustworthy butt plug out there just for you.

As much as we all love to make light of butt play, the fact is that the anus, both superficially, and inside, is an eddy of sensitive nerve endings. There’s a reason that butt related sex toys are so enjoyable: anal stimulation, whether it’s rimming, or prostate massage, can feel really good.

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In this Complete Guide to Butt Plugs, we will cover Everything You Need to Know!  We’ll also let you know about different kinds of Butt plugs that you can choose from.  Lastly, we’ll cover the minutiae of butt plug maintenance and hygiene. If you want to learn everything about butt plugs, clasp up and continue reading!

Butt plugs are one of the most trendy and enjoyable sex toys for anal play. The simple and clever design of a butt plug helps people to enjoy hands-free anal stimulus for long time. Butt plugs are well-liked because they perform a simple task very efficiently – that is, they stay in place.

Why Butt Plugs vs dildos or vibrators?

Butt plugs are naturally different from dildos and vibrators, and more apt to the particulars of anal penetration. They’re kind of a ‘plug and play’ toy. A butt plug is made to stay in—it has a flared base so that it can sit between butt cheeks at ease. Its base sticks out and allows you to play without worrying about losing a toy inside of you.

The butt plug that goes inside is shaped to stimulate your anus with the kind of stimulus you’re looking for. Some butt plugs are stationary, whereas others are equipped with motors and vibrate. For sure, butt plugs can be used for in-and-out movement in the typical manner; they are just less built for that than other penetration-focused toys such as dildos.

How will you feel when it’s in?

A butt plug can stay in its place during other play, if you are penetrating while getting your prostate massaged or enjoying some rimming, or even if you are going alone. The additional stimulation that a butt plug provides will help to maximize your orgasms.

How to Use a Butt Plug?

The best way to use your butt plug may vary with your experience, and with the kind of stimulation you are seeking during play.

First of all, we’ll cover the universal basics, and after that we will discuss how best to use your plug to get the most out of it for different sexual activities.

Let’s Start with The Basics:

Start Slow: One important thing you should keep in mind before use is that the anal canal is nothing like a vaginal canal—it can be a lot more delicate, and less easy to relax. So it’s very important to start slowly and accept your body’s reaction. Make sure you play a little with your butt plug slowly before trying to go all out. Use as much lube as you need, and massage the outside of your anus. After that, dipping in a little when you feel more relaxed. When you can tell that your entire sphincter has relaxed and is ready to go, slowly insert your plug.

Get Comfortable:

A comfortable position can help immensely when inserting a butt plug in order to keep your sphincter relaxed. To learn which positions work best for you, try a few different positions out and observe how your body reacts.

The basic and most common position is on your back with pillows behind you and your legs up bent towards your chest. You can try lowering yourself onto your plug, or try squatting on all fours in a doggy position and insert it slowly from behind. Whatever position helps your butt relax the most, that’s position for you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment—depending on how intense you go, you may also want to experiment with some anal stretches.

We have broken down the most normal reasons for using a butt plug and how to use your plug to get the most out of it. Keep in mind, a stimulated prostate can give you the most excellent orgasm of your life! And there are lots of advantages to a great orgasm!

• Rimming:

There are butt plugs specially designed to stimulate the anus directly through a “rimming”—or vibrating—sensation. These are typically vibrating butt plugs that vibrate particularly where the plug is pointed, just before it flares out. If you desire to stimulate your anus externally, but not internally, a vibrating butt plug may still work for you. Simply lube up your plug and press its vibrating body against your anus from the outside. This can provide many of the pleasant sensations of anal stimulation without the potential for painful penetration.

• Prostate Massage

If you have a prostate, you should definitely excite it. You’ll want a longer butt plug that is specially designed to reach that pleasurable spot. You can tell prostate massage plugs apart from the others because they are generally longer and curved. You may want to have your penis stimulated while getting a prostate massage to increase the fun, or you may wish for focus on the prostate only – everyone is different.

• G-spot Stimulation

The wall that divides the colon from the vaginal shaft is quite thin, and because of this some people discover that butt plugs help to massage their G-spot. Butt plugs can add a new dimension to vaginal stimulation by reaching those tough to reach spots through the back door.

• Preparing for Anal Sex

Some butt plugs are designed to help you prepare yourself for full penetration. If you are using butt plugs to set yourself for full penetration, then remember to go slow. You should buy a set of butt plugs which increase in size. They are specially designed this way for this very reason, and will help you reach the level of relaxation required for penile intercourse.


Different Butt Plugs available:

If you have been around the Internet for a while you’ve likely come across these wonderful tail plugs before. If you are tired of the everyday experience of sex and want to try something different, kinky, naughty and wild, there’s nothing as fun as animal tail plugs. These comes in a lot of varieties that include diverse types of animal: the classic fox, wagging dog tails, fluffy bunny tails, and many more. Put the plugs in and you have a rabbit, fox or cat tail hanging from the back. These plugs are light and fluffy and work great for role-playing. You will need to take special care to clean them properly.

The Jewel Butt Plug is also pleasurable to wear in play. It is very simple to insert as these are incredibly smooth and finishes with a very sharp tip.  There is no need for much lube is needed.  Once in it feels great. It’s so smooth and so glittery it looks unbelievable. It’s the sort of toy I want to leave laying around for people to see.

You are a princess, always indulged and pampered, used to the uppermost quality extravagance goods accessible. If this depict you, then our princess plugs are perfect for your anal practice. These plugs are presented in lots of shapes and sizes, all made to look astounding and superb, like something out of a fairy tale. There are even gold plugs for that additional bit of magnificence, which will not be lost on someone with as demanding and sophisticated taste as a princess!

rabbit tail butt plugpink tail butt plug

Clean Up Process:

After you are done using your butt plug, you’ll need to clean it. Soap and water works if you do not plan to share it, but wiping with a ten percent bleach solution or boiling plugs that don’t have vibrating or motorized parts helps get them even cleaner!

Care and Maintenance of Your Butt Plug:

A butt plug is an intimate toy, and should be treated as such. If you enjoy using your butt plug ensure you get the most out of it by cleaning it between uses. Maintainin good hygiene and high-quality storage practices will not only increase the lifespan of your toy, it will also help prevent infection.

For anybody who is interested in butt play, we hope our Complete Guide has provide you with that little push you needed to grab a butt plug of your very own. We are sure that your new toy will help you to find new and exciting orgasms you could only previously dream of!

What kind of lube should you use with your butt plugs?

If you try to use a butt plug without use lubrication you can anticipate pain and uneasiness, and you may end up with lasting injuries. Friction is the least sexy thing you can bring into an anal play session, so make sure that whenever the butt plug comes out, the lube does too. Once you have a butt plug of an appropriate size and width, you should lubricate the outside of the rectum again, as well as the inside of the plug. The significance of lubrication in anal play cannot be overstated.

What questions do you have? Are you interested in anal play? Have you checked out our tail plug selection? Let us know in the comments!