Sex Toys Invented by our Kinky Imagination – Part 2

The very article is proposed by – a virtual sex toys store where you can find a large assortment of vibrators, phallus-shaped devices and other adult sex toys for two somes to generously explore and try out during their sex sessionsю Moreover, here you are given the chance to find reliable tips and more information related to sex toys.

As you’ve noticed homemade sex toys don’t cost a treasure and are perfect for creative individuals to spice up their sex life. Nevertheless, everything is not so magnificent as it might seem at first. Prior to reveling in an enjoyable jerking-off session you should thoroughly think over certain consequences and risks. Which are they?

Tweet: As you've noticed homemade sex toys don't cost a treasure and are perfect for creative individuals to spice up their sex life. Nevertheless, everything is not so magnificent as it might seem at first. Prior to reveling in an enjoyable jerking-off session you should thoroughly think over certain consequences and risks. Which are they?

Health risks

  • Allergy
    For sure you are acquainted that most fruits and vegetables available on the market include many chemicals and pesticides. While eating them we do hurt to our bodies say nothing of our genitals while using them as homemade sex toys. These “adult devices” can cause allergy. In order to avoid this problem, you are recommended to thoroughly clean them before use and use condoms on them.
  • Urinary tract infection
    Always clean the toys you’ve made by and for yourself only! Never insert anything that could irritate the urethra! Make sure your masterpieces are clean enough. However, you’d better “embellish” them with condoms.
  • Stuffs lost in the Bermuda Triangle
    That’s not a myth! You have no idea how many objects were and are still found in human beings’ bodies. For many reasons ingenious individuals do not suppose that an ordinary banana or sausage can break in two. They can not accept the idea that every object that isn’t endowed with a handle can be lost and comfortably lodge in one’s rectum. So, make sure the homemade sex toys you are going to use are easy to insert and retrieve from the tight opening.
  • Neglect eccentric homemade objects!
    Never use sharp devices for experiencing extra sensations and more incredible intimate moments! They may cause sores, wounds, rashes and injuries to your inner openings.

Why manufactured sex toys are better than homemade?

Manufactured sex toys are better than homemade

It is all about their purpose. Manufactured sex toys are specifically meant to stimulate one’s hot spots and are safe for use. They are made out of special materials aimed to not irritate one’s sensuous skin. Sex toys have a shape that perfectly fit one’s body. One can not lose an anal wand or butt plug in the rectum as these may depict specific handles, flared base or retrieval rings for extra safety and comfy use.

When talking about sex toys it should be mentioned that not all manufactured erotic accessories are expansive and cost a treasure. Sex shops offer adult devices for all people. When entering a sex toys store you will find various prices, starting with 5 to thousands of dollars, depending on your income and the sum of money you are willing to spend on a sex toy. There are adult toys that cost a little but impress with their superior quality. In a nutshell sex toys are available for everyone!
Don’t hesitate to make your life more enjoyable, healthy and safe with real sex toys! Totally dedicated to your genitals!

How to introduce sex toys into your relationship

If you have decided to use sex toys in your relationship, and your decision is firm, then nothing should deter you from going ahead. You will need the right approach to begin, but when you do, it will give you exhilaration like nothing else. Sex toys can bring fun into your sex life, and any sex expert will tell you that a light, romantic relationship is the best stimulant for good sex.

If you are stuck at how to bring those sex toys into your bedroom and use them, here are some tips:

  1. Do not rush in. Your sex toy is going to be a tool of enjoyment for both of you. Do not make haste, or nothing will be gained by both. You must realize that introducing any external factor in your sex life – even if it is just a nonliving sex tool – may be challenging. Get started with something innocuous like lotions and oils. It is better to start with something that is not exactly a tool. But these oils and lotions can definitely improve your sexual bearings with each other. And they will pave the way from bringing in more tools in the future.
  2. Build up a foundation. If you make some preparations for your sexual encounters, then you will surely find a more enriching experience ahead. Now you must bring in a real sex toy into the relationship, since the comfort levels between the two of you have improved. However, refrain from getting something drastic at the onset. Stick to simple and gentle tools which will be acceptable and safe to both. You partner should not be intimidated by what you are bringing into the bedroom, but must be able to enjoy with it. Get something simple like ticklers. These are simple toys that are perfectly safe, and at the same time add to the excitement in the bedroom.
  3. The third most important thing you ought to remember is that you must not become an addict of the sex toy. Your sex toy is an external part of your sex, do not make it the third person. Do not overtly rely on this tool. Even when you are using a sex toy, try to discover new ways of making each other happy without it.

Sex toys are not called intimacy tools for no reason. They are like bridges to repairing a fading relationship. They can give you sexual satisfaction and at the same time build comfortable intimacy levels between you.

Tweet: Sex toys are not called intimacy tools for no reason. They are like bridges to repairing a fading relationship. They can give you sexual satisfaction and at the same time build comfortable intimacy levels between you.

How To Choose Your Sex Doll [NEW FOR 2019!]

How To Choose Your Sex Doll

Choosing Your Bedroom Companion

There has been surge in the variety and availability of sex dolls in recent years.

Sex doll manufacturers have definitely upped their game too.

We’re not talking about those old unappealing blow up dolls, we’re talking about gorgeous-looking sex dolls that look almost creepily lifelike.

They have joints, their orifices have special textures and they’re covered with what feel like the softest and smoothest skin.

If you shell out the extra cash, you’ll get the option to customize these dolls however way you want to fit your preferences.

I mean, ladies, we’re reaching dangerous territories here.

With that being said, all these choices can be a little daunting if you’re shopping around and trying to find out which one is the “the right one.”

It would be shame to get something that you won’t be completely satisfied with because these can go for a lot of money.

Not only are these products very specialized, the best ones are made with top of the line materials, so they can last you a while.

Why would you even need one?

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve reached a point where the old fashioned way of masturbating just doesn’t cut it anymore.

I’m even starting to get bored with makeshift pocket pussies.

Sounds familiar?

Well, a love doll, whether full size or otherwise, could be the solution to your problem.

Some of us need that “heft” and would like to feel something more substantial when jacking off.

It’s a good thing that there are these options for us that could end our frustration with solo play.

AND you’ll never have to worry about contracting any nasty STDs!

So what are sex dolls?

First of all, we have to address the taboo that surrounds this product.

Getting a love doll doesn’t automatically mean you’re a sad loser with an imaginary girlfriend.

It’s not really meant for that.

Sex dolls were made not as a replacement for an actual person.

They were made for the sole purpose of masturbation.

Nothing is ever going to substitute a relationship you can have with a human being.

There is no way you can share the same intimacy and trust that you can have a real partner because, first of all, this is an object.

It can’t talk or think for itself.

We really have to shatter this taboo because there’s nothing wrong with exploring a healthy sexual appetite.

Some gals (and guys, for that matter) think that sex dolls are a bit misogynistic.

It sort of plays into the fact that some men really do view women as mere objects.

While that’s a sad fact, I might argue that it’s better to enjoy these fantasies with actual objects and not real women.

Do you see what I’m saying?

Sex dolls are just an outlet for our frustrations and fantasies while having virtually no real consequence other than some real damage to your bank account.

what are sex dolls
What are sex dolls

However, there is really no shame in getting one of these beauties if you fully understand what you’re getting.

Now that we’ve established that it’s a sex toy, then it follows that used to mimic the sexual act.

What’s so attractive about this is that it doesn’t come with the hassles of having a wife or girlfriend.

You don’t have to be nice to it.

You don’t have to ask for sex.

This is one lady that will never ever say no.

I also have to note that there are other options if you don’t want to go for the whole shebang.

So if you’re not comfortable about having large mysterious packages shipped to your house, you don’t have to commit right away and go for the whole thing.

It just really depends on what you want and how much money you’re willing to shell out.

The very best ones that are ridiculously customizable down to the nails to the poutiness of the lips.

To state the obvious, you can customize the hair, the skin color, the size of the breasts, the shape of the pussy lips. You name it.

You can also tell if it’s high-quality if the parts are removable.

This makes clean up way easier and you also have the option to get these parts replaced.

Eventually, you’re going to want to do this after you’ve been with your doll a couple hundred times.

They won’t last forever.

They also have “skeletons” that make it so you can position it however way you want.

Just imagine the number of positions you can experiment with.

Naturally, the less expensive options won’t look as great.

If you don’t want to compromise on quality, then you could go for something “less complete,” like a torso or an ass.

Some might feel weird fucking something with a face, so this is a good option for that.

As a general rule, the more expensive it is, the higher the quality is going to be.

It’s just like with everything else.

That’s why I suggest that you invest in a good one and stay away from those sketchy websites that offer something that’s obviously not going to perform as it is advertised.

Do you think you should get one?

It could be likely that you’d be happy with something more compact.

But if you’re not the type that would question your life choices, having this thing lying around the house, then you should definitely get one.

Do you think you should get one?
Do you think you should get one?

Especially if you’re feeling a bit sexually frustrated or bored.

I seriously think anyone would get one anyway if it didn’t cost as much as a down payment on a good car.

Anyone who would say no to a free one, is a little weird in my book.

Here are some of the types of guys who could benefit from having a sex doll:

1. Getting a girl just isn’t an option

Getting a girl just isn’t an option
Getting a girl just isn’t an option

Let’s face it. Some guys just get easy pussy and some guys just aren’t born with the right hair and the right jawline to attract a mate.

Hell, some guys don’t even have the saving grace of humor to talk their way into it.

I guess that’s just how life goes, my friend.

But this doesn’t mean that  you can’t have fun by yourself.

If this is the closest way you can get to the female body, then I’d say it’s worth it.

You’ll also have to option to create the girl of your dreams, at least when it comes to the way that she looks.

It wouldn’t be fair to deprive yourself of even just that.

2. You’re busy as a beaver

busy as a beaver
busy as a beaver

Do you barely have enough time to eat and sleep by juggling two or three jobs?

Having to deal with all of this is sure to stress you out, let alone going out, treating a girl to dinner and wooing her to get her into bed.

If you’re trying to move up in the world, where you even find the time to do that?

Well, if you’re finding this all too relatable, then getting a doll is the way to go.

Having one handy is sure to be a pleasure when you do have the moment to settle in and have a relaxing night in.

3. You have problems with commitment

Maybe that’s just one of the issues that you have to overcome or you’re a recently divorced man who is not ready to get back in the game just yet.

a doll is perfect for you
A doll is perfect for you

Either way, if you want constant sex without having to spend a fortune on dates and always having to turn the charm on for the ladies, a doll is perfect for you.

4. You have threesome fantasies that just can’t be fulfilled

It’s not unusual for a girl to not be down for a threesome.

I’ve got to hand it to the ladies.

This is not unreasonable at all.

Being in a romantic relationship is all about exclusivity.

You don’t get to share your affections unless you’re in one of those hippie open relationship type deals that never seem to work.

best sex doll png
best sex doll png

If you’ve got an open-minded enough girl, this could be a good compromise.

You can act out your fantasy safely without her feeling threatened by another person.

Because that’s where the problem seems to be stemming from.

It’s highly unlikely that she’s going to get jealous because of a doll.

5. You’re looking for something better than the real thing

For purely utilitarian reasons, sex dolls are the best when it comes to sensation.

No woman is ever going to have crazy textures inside her or is going to vibrate.

Vaginas pretty much all feel the same, if we’re being totally honest here.

Yes, there are some things that set an individual vagina apart like its tightness or the shape of the labia.

But overall, it’s the same silky hole we know and love.

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more challenging or even just more stimulating, then a doll is the answer to that.

There are teams behind these products who test the best materials, the best textures, the best configurations, to ensure the best orgasms ever.

Honestly, with the amount of work that goes into these, you really get what you pay for.

Alright. Now that we’ve got the basics covered and you’re starting to feel like you should gift yourself with one of these for Christmas, then let’s explore your options here.

The standard sex doll

So you want something full and are not really keen on something that looks like a severed torso.

I got you, fam.

Let’s start with the more economical options first and work our way up, shall we?

If you’re just looking to test one out and you don’t feel ready to invest in something that would make your girlfriend cry if she ever found out about it, I suggest that you go for an entry-level doll.

Believe me, these won’t go for cheap if that’s what you were thinking

. You can spend $500 to upwards of a thousand bucks for just the entry-level model!

So rethink this if you know yourself and think that you might want to move to a higher end one down the line.

It could save you the money.

Despite being entry-level, though, for $1000, you’re getting something that won’t break and won’t look butt ugly.

They’re just not the most realistic dolls, which could be good for some folks who have an anime fetish or have a thing for that plastic surgery look.

Most of these dolls are small too.

I’m not going to say anything if you’re into that in real life.

Who knows? You might be into… midgets.

You could still play around with the proportions, though.

Even though you have a 3-foot doll, it could have D-cup breasts.

The great thing about these smaller dolls is that they’re easier to hide. So if you’re trying to sneaky about this whole thing, then go for a smaller one.

Things start to get better with mid-range dolls.

They’re more comparable to high-end dolls, but you’ll definitely see the difference in the quality of the build.

For mid-range dolls, you’ll usually get a lower grade of silicone or thermoplastic elastomer.

The problem with TPE is that it’s porous, which means it will absorb lube or sweat and this will stain your doll over time.

The standard sex doll
The standard sex doll

I think it’s also worth mentioning that it doesn’t feel as lifelike as silicone, but it’s a great material if you want something a little firmer.

Another thing to note is the build of its skeleton. Yes, it’s still going to be made of metal, but probably the lighter kind. So the heft you were looking for? Nope, you’re not getting that in this one.

If you’ve positioned your doll to do some doggy-style fun, it’s going to hold that position, but it’s not going to push against you.

It feels a lot more insubstantial and the lower quality metal will wear out faster than that of the kind you can find in a higher-end doll.

But honestly, for the price, which usually goes for about $1000-$2000, you could get some good use out of it for a year or two.

If you calculate that per day, it’s not going to be much.

Now, if you’re ballin’ and always need the best thing that’s out there, go for a luxury doll.

The reason why these dolls are so expensive is because they’re not really mass produced.

They’re really more like artisan products, the way that they’re made.

Every imaginable part of the doll, you can customize. I’m not even kidding.

You can create this doll that will suit your taste to a tee.

People are going to work on this, not a machine.

So expect that it’s someone’s job to attach every eyelash on your doll. It’s that detailed.

Apart from the artistry, you can also be sure that the materials that go into making these dolls are the very best.

The skeleton will be strong and won’t be deformed under pressure.

These dolls will stand on their own and can really take a pounding.

As they should. I mean, these beauties can go for $2000 at the cheapest.

The most beautiful and lifelike dolls could create a $10,000 hole in your pocket.

That being said, a high-end doll will last you a while.

We’re talking 5 years if you carefully maintain it.

Here, I wouldn’t blame if you if you start an imaginary relationship with it.

Fetish dolls

If you don’t have the money for a high-end doll and you can’t customize the dolls that you can afford to your liking, there are dolls that are already premade to suit some of the usual fetishes.

Whether you have a thing for big boobs or a big ass, there are some options for you.

And it doesn’t end there.

You could go for something that looks a little more mature (because fucking something that looks too young is creepy) or something that looks a little cushy.

Whatever floats your boat, bro.

If you’ve thought about it, someone has made it.

Just the torso

Just the torso sex
Just the torso sex

Again, if you don’t have the funds to get a full doll (and honestly, there’s not much you can do with a pair of legs anyway), then you might want to get something that focuses only on the goodies.

You get the vagina, the butthole and the boobs.

What more could you want?

Some guys want something to hold for that extra stimulation, so this could be the right choice for you.

Also, if you’re a missionary type of guy or you like the “prone bone” position,  I would suggest that you just get this one.

It certainly gets the job done and it’s mighty comfortable.

Since it’s more compact, it’s easier to carry around the house and easier to stow away in case someone comes snooping.

Some of these come with a head, if you’re into that.

I don’t know why, but seeing and feeling some hair always gets me going.

Just the holes

Okay, maybe you want something ultra-discrete, then you might just want to get the regular pocket pussy or Fleshlight.

This is great if you find the whole concept of having a doll a little too creepy. I get it. It’s just not for everyone.

What’s great about the Fleshlight, in particular, is that it takes the realism to a whole new level by having some of their models molded out of your favorite porn stars or cam girls’ orifices.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be with Alexis Texas or Stoya, then this is probably the closest you can get to that experience.

Just the holes
Just the holes

Having your very pocket pussy can be very rewarding because of the selection of the textures you can get.

No real woman is ever going to feel like how these Fleshlight sleeves are designed. No way.

Think of this as just a step up from your regular masturbation technique, which I’m guessing just involves some lotion and your hand.

Well, this is exponentially better than that.

So if you don’t want the bulk and you think a full-blown sex doll is too much for you, I highly recommend that you get a pocket pussy.

And if you’re thinking that this isn’t a hands-free option, you’re sorely mistaken.

There are many ways you can use a Fleshlight without using your hands.

You could wedge it in between your mattress and the box spring. You could get a mount that was specifically made to house the Fleshlight.

You could even get the Launch (their patented auto-stroker) or one of those auto blowjob machines. I swear to you, you won’t be disappointed.

Conclusion and last minute tips

Overall, I would say that having a sex doll (or parts of it) is a great addition to any bedroom.

It enhances your masturbation sessions by adding another dimension to it.

At the risk of sounding like a giddy little girl, I get a kick out of putting my dolls in sexy little outfits that my girlfriend will never wear in a million years.

This is truly the chance to be with a different girl every single night.

All it takes is just some imagination, which we’re pros at tapping into by now, considering how long we’ve been masturbating.

last minute png
last minute png

If you’re unsure about what kind of lubes to use with these dolls, I suggest that you always go for something water-based.

Water-based lubes are compatible with any material and won’t damage your doll.

Remember, it’s important to maintain your doll to get the most out of it.

Some dolls go with the warning that the user shouldn’t use water and soap as it damages that doll’s specific blend of skin.

If you want to “refresh” your doll, some cornstarch or baby powder will do the trick.

A quick dusting will make it feel good as new.

You also want to warm up your doll if you want to keep things realistic.

You can do this by putting “her” under an electric warming blanket.

Well, that about covers everything you need to know.

I hope that by now, you feel more equipped to shop around and make the right choice.

How To Use Butt Plugs: The Ultimate Guide

Everything Butt Plugs

tons of butt plugs

Butt plugs are a fun and varied kind of toy for those with an interest or fondness for anal play.

There are many kinds of butt plugs, and many ways to use them, allowing a wide range of people to enjoy them for different reasons.

Decorated butt plugs can be used during sex to add extra stimulation, or by yourself for masturbation or even a hidden bit of pleasure for a night out on the town.

Butt plugs with tails can be used during sex for pulling, or during regular activities, worn about the house to help stay in pet space.

There are also vibrating butt plugs, for those who enjoy more exciting anal stimulation.

Perhaps you are interesting in exploring anal play and want to know the ins and outs of what you will need and how to proceed.
If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Types of Lube


Let’s start with the basics!


There are three main types of lubricants out there for you to pick from, oil-based, silicone-based, and water-based.

Each of these three types has its upsides, but also their own drawbacks.

Oil Lubricants

Oil-based lubricants are great for extended use of toys like butt plugs or any other kind of insertable.

They last a long time without drying out, and are smoother, meaning it will feel easier moving a toy in or out.

However, they come with the drawback of being incompatible with latex, whether it be latex clothing or a latex condom.

An oil-based lubricant will eat through the latex, and the resulting mix can be dangerous.

It’s safest to use oil-based lubricants on metal, glass, or silicone toys and butt plugs.

Oil-based lubricants are also harder to clean up, as they don’t dissolve in water, so make sure you have plenty of time set aside for cleaning.

Never use petroleum jelly.

The best kinds are gentle, natural oils, like jojoba oil, for example.

Silicone Lubricants

Silicone-based lubricants are similar to oil-based ones in that they stay wet a long time, and don’t dry out, they also share that same smooth feeling.

They stay wetter for longer and so are really good for prolonged play, especially of the anal variety.

Silicone lubes are also hypoallergenic, meaning they are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction or irritate sensitive skin.

Unlike oil-based lubes, they can be used with latex toys or condoms safely, but they will dissolve other silicone products.

Using silicone lube with a silicone toy or plug will be very dangerous to the user’s health.

The silicon can be absorbed into the body, and cause serious harm.

Silicone-based lubricants are also easier to clean up afterwards, making it easier to safely clean and maintain your toys.

Water Lubricants

Water-based lubricants are super versatile, being safe to use with any toy, however they can dry out fast, producing a sticky residue.

They can be used with plugs and other toys safely.

You just have to make sure to regularly re-apply the lube, and to be mindful if it begins drying.

They are also the easiest kind of lube to clean up, being soluble in water.

However this also means they are not the best choice for any anal play in water.

Some of the better lubricants on the market that you might want to look into are:

Water-based lubricants

Sliquid Natural Lube (Amazon)
Aloe Cadabra (Amazon)
Pink Water (Amazon)

Oil-based lubricants

Jojoba oil
Coconut oil
Olive oil

Silicone-based lubricants

Uberlube (Amazon)
Wet Platinum (Amazon)
Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant (Amazon)
Pjur Original (Amazon)
Gun Oil (Amazon)

Remember to stay clear of lubes containing propylene glycol, parabens, glycerin, L-Argenine and petroleum.


For a beginner, the different materials may seem a bit confusing, but they are very simple.

Silicone plugs will be warmer and softer than the alternative of glass or metal.

If you’re worried about using a plug for your first time, a silicone plug will be a safe choice.

It is also better for anal training and prolonged use with less discomfort.

Softer plugs will give a very different feeling from harder plugs.

You may wish to buy a second plug made from glass or metal, once you are comfortable with your silicone plug.

Silicone plugs do come with the drawback of not being safe for use with silicone lubricants, though.

You should use only water- or oil-based lubricants with a silicone plug.

Metal and glass plugs are safe for use with any lubricant, so if you have lube left over from your silicone plug, you can use it safely with a glass or metal plug if you decide to buy one.

Glass plugs are made of pyrex – a heat, crack and break resistant glass that is body-safe and fun to use.

Definitely a harder material than silicone, it should be used once you are comfortable with anal insertables.

Both pyrex and steel plugs are smooth to use and so easier for anal play that involves any sort in and out movement.

They can be cold at first but will quickly warm to the body’s temperature for better comfort.

While you can wear or use glass or steel plugs for long periods of time, they may cause discomfort if you are not used to them.

Take it slow.

The best way to work yourself to this point is through anal training.

Anal Training

Depending on the size of your butt plug, you may want to stretch yourself out first.

A smaller training plug may only require a few minutes of stretching with fingers, but a large plug may need you to swap between smaller plugs.

Using your fingers, you’ll want to stretch your anus slightly and slowly, don’t rush yourself, and relax your stomach.

There are a number of anal training kits you can find at a variety of sex toy and kink shops online.

Once you feel confident you can insert your plug, you’ll want to follow the steps listed in the next section that explores the nitty gritty on how to safely insert your plug.

How to Insert A Butt Plug

sexy gif

You’ve finally made it! You’ve purchased your first plug, you also have some great lube.

Now it is time for the test drive.

Inserting a butt plug may seem daunting, but the most important part is relaxation.

You’ll want to pick the right position for insertion which depends on a variety of factors.

If your plug has a suction cup or flat base, you can secure it to the floor, the bathtub basin, etc.

, and you will want to slowly lower yourself onto it.

If you can secure it to a wall you can also push back to insert.

Doing so in the doggy position is easiest.

For decorated plugs or those with tails, laying on your side is easiest and most efficient.

It keeps your muscles relaxed and does not cause discomfort in trying to reach.

Whichever position you pick, you must be able to relax yourself.

If staying on your knees is causing you to tense your stomach and pelvic floor muscles, you will have a harder time with the insertion.

Once you have chosen a position that works for you, start pressing the plug into your butt.

The first layer, the one you can see, will be easy enough to push the toy into.

The sphincter muscles however, will prove stubborn at first.

They usually begin around 4cm into the anus, and will clench without you meaning to sometimes.

The tip to passing the sphincter is to relax your stomach, and move slow.

Trying to cram it in will only hurt you, and could lead to a serious injury.

You need to move slowly and let your sphincter relax each time you make some progress.

Once you have made some progress, continue the same way until the largest section of the plug begins to enter.

Your sphincter may clench up, but you need to remain persistent.

Continue to push steadily, and always remember to breathe in a measured fashion.

When you pass the bulbous shape of the plug, you will find it tapers down.

That is where your anus will close around the plug.

The base is to remain outside of the body so that you will be able to remove it without issue.

When you are ready to remove the plug, you will want to grab the stem of the plug, and start gently pulling.

The problem here is that unlike when you insert the plug, the widest part needs to come out first.

Using force here may hurt you, and prove ineffective in removing the plug.

You’ll want to get into a position like before, where you can relax, and begin pulling the toy, while pushing with your stomach, as though you are having a bowel movement.

It may feel uncomfortable at first, but repeating a similar method from before, to remove it slowly and steadily, you will be able to remove the plug.
For longer plugs with graduated bulbs, take each one slowly.

Never ever attempt to forcefully pull the plug from your body as this may cause perforation of the walls or anal prolapse.


There are many types of plugs for you to test out and a number of ways to get started.

The best way is to start small and soft and work your way up in size and to harder materials.

Always use the right lube to assist in insertion and removal of the plug.

When inserting, slow and steady wins the race.

Relax as best you can and forge forward.

Anal play can be great as an addition to other types of play or fun on its own.

Enjoy experimenting to find the most fulfilling way to add anal play to your sex life!

DDLG Anxiety: Tips and Tricks for Calming an Anxious Little

Many people suffer from anxiety and panic disorders, and while it is still always best to seek professional help if and when you can, as a Daddy or a Mommy with a little who has to manage through these stressful situations, it is so important to understand how to calm a little, and what the best methods for helping a little who suffers from anxiety flare-ups are.

Listed below are some ways to help your little come down from an anxiety or panic attack.

The best methods for dealing anxiety often involve distraction in some way.

By drawing a person’s mind away from the problems making them anxious, and helping bring them back to reality, you can calm and console them better.

There are many methods that do so, and we will go over some of the ones that work best for me.



Grounding is a technique that involves giving your mind an active task.

The one my Daddy uses involves finding things that involve your five senses.

Five things you can see, four things you can hear, three things you can touch, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste.

This one is a sort of game you can play which can work even better for a playful little.

However, sometimes the anxiety is too much and focus is not something attainable right away and needs to be worked towards.

In those more dire cases, grounding can be achieved by giving your little something easier to focus on.

Start by using calm, soft tones.

Have them focus on your voice and the words you are saying.

Bring them something that might help them ground – a favourite stuffie for them to hole, a blanket to touch – something tactile that they can grab and busy their hands with until they are abke to be responsive.

Then move on to grounding by helping them become aware of their surroundings, the familiarity of them, and their place amongst them.


Proper breathing is essential to attaining a certain level of calm during an anxiety attack. There are various ways to go about regulating one’s breathing.

Breathing in time with a GIF is a popular method, but I prefer humming.

breathing gif

By picking a favourite song and humming it, you can regulate your breathing and be comforted by something familiar.

For a little with a fondness for music, this technique can work wonders.

Start by telling them what you are goong to hum and telling them to hum along.

If they are okay with being touched at this time (sometimes they aren’t) then stroke their back gently in time with the tempo of the song.

Choose a song that is slow and measured, if possible.

Another tried, tested and true method of slowing someone’s breathing is to count out the length of a breath: “inhale, 2, hold, 2, out, 2, 3, 4.”

It gives them a singular focus instead of having their minds fragmented and running rampant.

Be Calm and Patient

de stress 2

Sometimes a little bit of monkey see, monkey do can help.

When your little sees that you are calm and collected it will help them realize that they are not in a place or situation that is dangerous to them.

They are safe with you, and you are okay, so it’s okay for them to be okay.

It urges them to aspire to the same calm state that you have managed to maintain.

If you are panicing right along with them, it only fuels the fire.

Use soothing tones when you speak.

Use simple words and short sentences so as not to confuse.

Do not ask too many questions, especially if they are having a hard time breathing or focusing.

Get them to a point where they are more lucid first.

And never ever rush them.

Sometimes it may take a few moments.

Other times it may take hours.

Be prepared to spend the time and do not abandon them in the midst of their time of need.


The main cause of anxiety is fear and worrying about what might happen, but putting yourself in a present-focused state of mind, you can calm down.

Have your little ask themselves what’s happening at the current time.

Are they safe?

Have they run those errands they were supposed to?

Did they put the milk back in the fridge?

If there’s something they need to do, it’s better to do it rather than worry about the future.


Some people with anxiety or panic disorders do have prescribed medication that will help them calm down.

Ask your little if they have a prescription that will help and that they want to take.

If so, administer the proper dosage.

Make sure you read the label carefully before giving angone medication.

Continue to help clam them down while the medication takes effect.

destress balloon
Addressing The Issue

Once your little has calmed down and they are in a state of mind where they can communicate effectively and the topic will not trigger another attack, ask them if they want to talk about what happened.

Encourage them by telling them they are safe to express whatever is alarming or concerning them, and reassure them that you are there to help, never to judge, and will stand by them as they work through whatever has them anxious.

Try not to just give platitudes.

Be gentle about offering ideas for solutions.

Read the situation – tone, body language, diction.

If they really are not ready to find a way to fix the issue, do not push the matter.

In Conclusion…

Dealing with anxiety can be really hard for all parties involved.

I know from both ends.

Always remember, no matter who you are, if you have anxiety and panic in your life, this does not make you any less, by any means.

If you are a little who is prone to anxiety or panic attacks, please always let your significant others know. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

But also always understand not everyone has the capacity to handle anxiety.

You will need to decide whether that is a trait you will need in a partner, or if your partner is willing to learn.

And likewise, dominants with a submissive who suffers from these types of disorders, if you cannot handle it, be honest and upfront about this.

If you are capable or willing to try, then let them know and work together on the best ways for both of you to handle such situations should they arise.

10 Ways To Get Into Little Space Right Now

Have you ever had a rough time getting into littlespace?

I know I have before.

Oftentimes it is when external adult stressors are rearing their ugly heads and piling on so high there is just no time or space to get little.

My mind just whirls and swirls, locked in a loop where all I can do is think about all the things that need to get done, thus locking me in big space for far too long.

Age play and little space is therapeutic for many.

Allowing your adult brain the chance to breathe, to be silent and only have to be concerned with what cartoon to watch or which coloring book to color allows you to focus on something healthy and mundane, instead of pushing you into sadness, frustration, anxiety.

It is like a vacation for the mind. I know it is like this for many littles.

Littlespace gives them the chance to be silly, whimsical and enjoy their time without worry. It is a safe space where they can be their fun, carefree (not to be confused with careless) selves.

But sometimes littlespace seems to be just out of reach, no matter how much you want to slip into it and feel your happy smol self.

So what can you do to fix that?

Here are some tips and ideas that never fail!

Use a pacifier.


This is a great option if you have one. If not, a thumb can work, too.

Often stressed out or anxious littles fidget when they are overthinking – they will also grind their teeth or chew their nails, so not only does this item reinforce littlespace, it also helps to ensure you keep your mouth busy on something less harmful and painful.

Also the soft sucking sounds can be soothing and very grounding, which allows you to slough off some of the stress from your day.

Eat your favorite snacks and foods.

baby food

Sometimes it can help to have your favorite snacks in your favorite plate or bowl.

Try things that you associate with being in littlespace and things that are easy to do and do not require much preparation – Goldfish, pudding, jello, chicken nuggets, french fries, cookies, eggs in a basket, animal crackers, peanut butter (or wild butter) and jelly sandwiches are a few common choices.

Me? I really love seedless grapes and gummy bears because they’re small and have great textures that make me feel little.

Plus I can play at biting off the bears heads! Any snacks that might encourage little roleplay is a must!

Take a bath!

dog bath

Most often being unable to get into little space stems from being too stressed or worn out.

This is when you need littlespace the most!

Engaging in actions that are generally helpful when you are stressing can help you get to a point where littlespace is easier to get into.

Draw yourself a warm bath (or if you are not a bath person, take a nice warm shower). Use your favorite soaps, use bath bombs with soothing aromas like honey, lavender, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, etc. and soak for at least 30 minutes.

If you are feeling like you can be playful, bring some bath toys into the mix and splash around a little bit with your rubber duckie or other waterproof toys.

When you are done, wrap yourself in the biggest, fluffiest towel you own, fix your hair into easy ponytails and dress yourself in something that makes you feel little – maybe your favorite onesie, some pull ups or dips, an oversized shirt, or something in your favorite colors.

Listen to music.

pingu music

What they say about music soothing the most savage of beasts is quite true, so why not use it to calm your brain into a gentler space?

Some good ideas are lullabies, soft classical music, or even children’s songs which might help you get into the proper headspace.

YouTube is your friend in this case – you can find anything from the usual nursery rhymes to classic rock favorites that have been remade with soothing instrumentals.

Watch cartoons.

pony watching cartoons

Do you have a favorite cartoon that you could watch a million times and still love?

Right now, this could be the golden ticket to the land of littlespace.

Turn it on and sit yourself down with your favorite snack, coloring book, or stuffie and watch your favorite characters get up to their usual shenanigans.

Disappearing into a fictional world can really help to let go of what is keeping you in big space and open up your more creative and whimsical side which makes it easier to access littlespace.

Some great cartoons are My Little Pony, Trolls, Bee and Puppycat, Adventure Time, Paw Patrol… the list could go on forever!

Watch a movie.

disney movie

Some people swear by Disney movies!

Do you have a favourite one that you love watching? Aladdin? Mulan? Moana?

Put it on. Let yourself sing along to the songs, react to the villain’s mean plans and the protagonist’s success.

Snuggle with your stuffies in a blanket.

cat with stuffie

Don’t really have the energy to do much of anything after a long day?

Something as simple as climbing into bed, wrapping yourself in a blanket and snuggling your favorite stuffies can help.

It is especially useful if they are ones you really connect with in your little space.

Scented or weighted stuffies are also really useful for grounding you, so if you have any of those, snuggle them tight and try to clear your mind.

Drink from sippies or bottles.

dog feeding sheep

Who doesn’t love a baba of wawa?

Or a sippy with chocolate or strawberry milk?

Drinking from these will definitely make you feel smaller than drinking them from a tall glass or cup.

Don’t have sippies or bottles? Use a straw!

And make sure you drink something you would find soothing in your little space.

You could even do hot chocolate so long as you make sure the temperature is not too hot!

Little speak.


If you have a caregiver or other little friends you can talk to, use your little voice and speak in little speak if this is something you would normally do in littlespace.

Even if you are not in littlespace, faking it until you make it can really work when it comes to using this method.

Sometimes when I have a rough time and neither caregiver nor friends are present, I will pick up my favourite stuffies and have a little conversation with them.

I will ask them about their days and respond in kind. It can really help you get into a more juvenile frame of mind.

Hang out with other little friends.

Spend time around other littles.

I have found that being around and engaging with others who are in littlespace can draw out my own inner little.

Hearing them talk in their little voices, using littlespeak, engaging in non-sexual playtime like colouring, playing with sensory toys, building blocks and legos, watching cartoons together, can really help you get right into the proper space.

If you are like me and do not have many local little friends, there are plenty of online communities and technology makes it so easy to still be able to play with your friends as if they are right there with you!

Try using Skype or Discord for voice and video calls. You can also use to watch cartoons and movies together at the same time!

Go to your favorite toy store.

toy store

Sometimes a trip to the toy store is all that you need.

Surround yourself with all the cute things you can all in one spot!

If you can, maybe even treat yourself to something new – a big floor puzzle, a new stuffy, some cars or activity books.

Think about what little you enjoys and look at all they have to offer to coax little you out of hiding.

Read your favorite bedtime story.

go to sleep

Read your favorite bedtime story or have it read to you by a friend, caregiver or babysitter.

Focus on the illustrations and the simple language used.

If your old book just isn’t cutting it, try a new book or one you do not remember the ending to, that way it seems like more of an adventure and less about going through the motions.

Give it time.

Sometimes you just need time to deal with what you are going through first before you can get into littlespace.

Handle your business as best as you can, allow some time to pass for you to get back into a state where you aren’t feeling like you need to be big.

Don’t try to force little space too much or else it could become something you resent. If nothing works then sometimes time is the only thing that will. It can be frustrating, but be patient. Your littlespace will return to you.

I hope that this little guide can help you seek out a bit of light when you feel like you are being swallowed up by everything else.

And remember, just because you may be experiencing some trouble getting into littlespace does not mean your little side is invalid. It does not make you any less a little than you always have been. Be gentle with yourselves and stay optimistic. Your little space will return before you know it!

BDSM And Kink: Myths And Reality

An Introduction to Kink

Let me begin this by expressing that I myself am part of a DDLG dynamic with my partner, and it’s heavily featuring in our day to day lives, so would definitely be considered a lifestyle relationship.

While I am only 21, I wholly believe my young age can give me an edge instead of being a hindrance, simply because I’m still learning, and all of my research is still being done in order to widen my horizons and expand my knowledge about the BDSM community.

Kink and BDSM, while from the outside might look more harmful than loving, can end up being the best thing for an individual, and can actually make them feel safer than they’ve ever felt, provided you’re safe and careful when choosing someone to be your BDSM counterpart.

There are many, many subcategories of BDSM and it has to be said that because a lot of vanilla people don’t quite understand the dynamics of BDSM relationships, they tend to develop usually very negative opinions on kink and BDSM.

It is somewhat understandable, considering the Sadism and Masochism that takes place in many of these dynamics, with a lot of uneducated people assuming that BDSM relationships and dynamics are highly abusive, as well as assuming that they are all heavily centered around sex!

I suppose in a way this article is trying to educate not so knowledgable people about the realities of BDSM and kink, and hopefully dispelling some of the myths that surround our little world!

I don’t intend to shove any information down anyone’s throats, but I definitely feel like a few things should be cleared up, and hopefully one day soon, BDSM might become a slightly less judged lifestyle choice, if not more accepted!


Myth One – Kink doesn’t have an age restriction, because it’s illegal in most places.

We all knew this was going to happen, so let’s just get this one out of the way quickly and move on to the real stuff you want to see.

In a lot of different countries, BDSM and kink based relationships are technically illegal because of the fact they’re considered to be abusive and in the eyes of a judge, it is very difficult for anyone at all to defend themselves in a courtroom and try to explain it was consented to, even when you’re over the legal age of majority (18-21 depending on location, if I’m not mistaken).

The fact that BDSM is illegal in most places to all ages is an argument often used by minors wanting to gain access to a community and lifestyle they really shouldn’t be able to be a part of.

But the reality of the situation is, when you attempt to claim consent in a trial such as this, if you’re under the age of majority, the judge is much more likely to rule coercion of a minor, which would mean that there would be some kind of legal consequence for yourself, your partner, or both of you, depending on the situation.

However, being of age would allow you more solidarity in a court room, as you are considered to be a legal adult, and a plea of consent would be a lot more likely to be heard by a judge and jury.

In all honesty, if the fear of being in trouble with the law isn’t enough for minors to stay away?

I honestly don’t know what will be.

But we can all do our best to keep minors safe, and at arm’s length from the community until they are legally able to defend themselves, should the need arise.

Anyway, moving on.

Myth Two – You have to do everything your Dom(me) tells you to, without question.

This one is another pretty heavy myth, but probably one of the most important.

This one also definitely pertains to the less experienced Dom(me)s *and even Subs!) out there.

Say it with me now, no mean no!

If you’re a Dominant in a BDSM dynamic, you must always gain consent from your Submissive before you do anything with them.

It is as simple as that.

Just because you are their Dominant, that doesn’t for any reason mean they cannot deny you something they don’t want to do at any given time you ask them to.

Demanding something from your Sub because ‘they’re your Sub, and they chose this life’ is very alike to comparing becoming a Submissive to giving up human rights.

If you’re looking for someone to consent to you and submit to you 100% of the time without fail, there are indeed some Submissives that claim to do that.

However, I would go into an arrangement like that with the very real understanding that it probably won’t remain that way forever, simply because humans have changes of hearts and minds, and in a few months, that agreement of 100% submission may not fit them as a person any more, and that’s okay!

The dynamic can be whatever you both/all want it to be!

If you agree to 100% submission, you should definitely discuss any hard limits either of you may have.

Remember, just because someone wants to be beneath you 100% of the time, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll want to do anything you ask.

For example, I once had a Dominant that tried to tell me I had to be okay with a golden shower when he wanted it, because I wanted to submit to him 100%.

This is definitely not the case. If you have hard limits, they should be respected, not belittled, just because that’s something your dominant wants.

So, before you enter a 100% submission agreement, I have some advice for both parties.

Subs, make sure your concerns are heard, make sure that you voice your hard limits and stick to them!

Nobody can tell you that you aren’t a true Submissive if you have hard limits, that simply isn’t true!

And finally, know that you can change your mind. If you don’t want to submit all the time anymore, no Dominant has any right to attempt to keep you in that arrangement.

And Doms, if your Submissive doesn’t seem into it any more? Let them go, or at very least, revise your arrangement.

There are many ways this myth can be dispelled, but honestly, it’s easy.

If you don’t have consent from your Submissive, or if they genuinely seem averse to doing something you ask of them, take a step back, breathe, and just talk to them.

They are much more likely to trust you as a person, and as their Dominant if you respect their boundaries and understand that they aren’t always going to want to submit.

Myth Three – BDSM is always sexual

This is definitely one of the myths that irks me the most, because it’s such a silly statement!

Is your vanilla relationship with your boyfriend always sexual?

Do you go grocery shopping and immediately want to rip each other’s clothes off and do it amongst the carrots?

Well I mean, kinky couples might actually have a fantasy like that, especially if they’re exhibitionists, but I digress.

The bottom line is, nothing is always sexual.

Most relationships, kink-based or not, will eventually have some kind of sexual aspect to them, but while BDSM is widely associated with weird and wonderful sex, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s always sexual.

The example that I always enjoyed was – a massage. However sensual a massage may be, it’s just a massage, unless you actively turn it into a sexual activity. For some, massages almost always lead to intercourse, but for others, it’s a way to unwind, relax, and really regain comfort in their own skin. The same goes for BDSM.

A lot of people turn to BDSM as a way to unwind, and usually find that Sadism, Masochism, Dominance and Submission (dependent of course on their characteristics) can be incredibly cathartic.

A great example of this is the very real and accurate stereotype that important businessmen want to be put in their place by a Domme every now and again, as it allows them time away from their usual life, along with all the responsibilities they hold.

I have a very good friend in the Dominatrix trade, and she couldn’t agree more with this stereotype.

A lot of her clients come to her, rich middle aged men wanting to be demoralized as a way of relieving tension after stressful workdays.

She also insists that absolutely none of her clients are involved with her sexually, and while many relieve themselves at the end of the session, for her it is absolutely nothing more than a business transaction, and something she does not for sexual reasons, but because she enjoys the powerful feeling that comes from taking charge.

Myth Four – Safe words are made to be used

I honestly think this is a personal feeling, but I know a fair few others that hold the same opinion, so here’s a small section on safe words.

These are obscure words you usually wouldn’t say in your day to day life (in order for them to be easily identifiable in a scene if something is wrong) that immediately bring whatever you are doing to a halt. First off, it is etiquette, of course, if a safe word is uttered by either party (yes – Dominants can be the one to use the safe word! – see Myth Five) to make sure that whoever uttered it is physically, and possibly more importantly, mentally okay.

Safe words, for anyone that doesn’t know, are used as an emergency stop if you will, when a scene you’re taking part in takes a turn you don’t like, or something goes wrong.

I’ve seen people on multiple occasions bragging that they’ve pushed their Sub to say their safe word within a scene, and thinking that makes the scene ‘successful’.

However, this is absolutely not the case.

A massive mantra a lot of people go by in the BDSM community is ‘safe, sane and consensual’, and the idea that you should intentionally push your Submissive (or Dominant) to the point that they are so uncomfortable they feel the need to use their safe word is the opposite of what that mantra promotes.

The less a safe word is used, the better.

If your safe word is being used a lot, it could indicate that you’re consistently pushing the boundaries a little too much for your partner, and this should be addressed immediately, as BDSM dynamics can suffer greatly from lack of communication and care for each other’s wellbeing.

Communicate. Make sure your counterpart is happy, mentally, and that they feel at ease in your arrangement and company.

Myth Five – Only the Submissive can use the safe word

Taking all of Myth Four into consideration, there’s another little detail about safe words that I’m sure would be a nice thing for some Dominants to read.

If you use the safe word before your Sub does – that isn’t a bad thing.

It doesn’t mean you’re soft, or that you can’t handle being a Dominant.

In fact, it’s actually a good thing.

It shows deep compassion for your Submissive, and a need to know that they’re okay.

If they use the safe word, you know for a fact that something is wrong, but if you use it first, it shows a great level of care for your Submissive, and that is one of the most important things in a BDSM dynamic.

Show your Submissive you care.

Myth Six – Fifty Shades of Grey is a good reference point for BDSM relationships.

No. No no no no no! Fifty Shades, while a moderately amusing franchise of films that I will admit I watched because I like Jamie Dornan in a suit, are not by any means a good reference point for BDSM relationships.

In fact, Fifty Shades and the kind of things it promotes in the world of BDSM are honestly laughable, and definitely frowned upon by the real life BDSM community.

While yes, it could be possibly argued that the books and films slightly normalized kink and brought a good few people around to the kinky way of thinking, it definitely did more harm than good for our reputation in the real world.

One main issue that many kinksters had with the franchise was the heavily abusive relationship that Christian and Ana delve into.

The stalking, putting a chip in her phone, buying her a new car and scrapping her old one, using gifts as ammunition against her?

These are all red flags and actually signs of a gaslighting sociopath – so if this is the kind of arrangement you find yourself in, please make sure you know what you are doing.

It could potentially be very dangerous, and damaging to your self worth.

As previously stated, all BDSM relationships, at least all healthy ones, pride themselves on having large amounts of compassion for each other, and making sure that everything is consented to.

This is not what is portrayed in Fifty Shades of Grey, and could arguably be where the stigma that Submissives should submit all the time comes from.

Myth Seven – You must include toys in your scenes

This isn’t a myth that I’ve come across as much as the others, but the BDSM community is definitely considered to have a penchant for whips and chains, and all manner of sex toys like vibrators, butt plugs and the like.

While yes, some strands of BDSM – like Sadism/Masochism, Bondage, and certain fetishes feature these objects pretty heavily, that certainly isn’t the case for all subcategories.

I pride myself on being the Little Girl half of a monogamous Daddy Dom Little Girl relationship dynamic (DDLG for short) and we almost never use toys in our play spaces.

I rely much more on items such as Adult Pacifiers for my Little Space because I definitely consider my kink to be mainly non-sexual.

See below for some visuals of the aforementioned products and where you can buy them!

Who said sex toys have to be scary looking? All toys can be cutesy or kitsch, as well as black and intimidating – it just depends on what you prefer!

Having said all of that, it is perfectly acceptable to engage in BDSM scenes with just yourself and your partner.

There doesn’t need to be toys involved if you don’t want them or can’t afford to make that happen.

It makes you no less valid. BDSM has no pattern, and not set rulebook for you to follow. 

You make the rules and limits, and you make it unique.


How To Anal Douche

If you don’t want to deal with frustrating fecal mistakes during anal sex, you can give yourself an enema beforehand, which means cleansing the rectum with water.

It is also known as rectal douching, and its purpose is to clean the rectum.

This is typically called rectal douching, or anal douching.

There are a few douching methods you can try;

Water eliminates all the dirt and discharges and ensures the intestines connecting to it are clean and okay.

If the lining of the mucosa is not in the tears of the intestines or scratches, the anal wash increases the risk of infection with HIV or STIs.

Shower Hose


Anal douching is the most common way to make sure you will not face shit while having anal sex.

There are different ways to do this.

The quickest way to rinse the rectum is with a shower hose.

Remove the shower head and clean the hose tip carefully before using it.

The most hygienic solution is to screw the piece (nozzle) end on the hose.

This method the hose of the shower should never be touch the anus.

General tips for anal washing

  1. Before you start, first sit on the toilet and take the shit.
  2. Wash your hands and use clean equipment.
  3. The lukewarm water will make washing easier and happier.
  4. To prevent anal and rectal damage, make sure that the water pressure is not too high.
  5. Do not rinse the rectum with soap or soap.
  6. Apply lubrication in the anus and on the nozzle tip.
  7. Relax the sphincter and push the nozzle gently within a few centimeters.
  8. Each time you rinse it, let the water flow slowly until the rectum feels bored.

Then take a sit in a place like a bathtub or the rim of the toilet and feel relaxed as this will be paramount in allowing the water to move down with all the unnecessary shit it holds.

You should do this process again up to the point that the water appears to be clear and crystal clean.

Shower nozzles, hand pumps, and enema

involve the butts

You may also purchase nozzles either online or at sex shops or leather shops.

They also sell hand pumps, which you may fill with sterile solution.

These are easy to bring with you when traveling.

Pre-packaged enemas that you may buy at pharmacies can also be helpful in traveling.

Make sure you do not buy one with a lotion containing a laxative.

Risks involved in anal douching

Anal douching is not completely free of risk.

Water removes not only, but also part of the intestinal flora.

The intestinal flora consists of all the good bacteria that you need to digest food and maintain the intestinal immune system.

Washing can often (seriously) disable intestinal flora.

Similarly, washing dangerously, for example with excessive water pressure, can destroy the intestinal wall.

Using a large amount of water or a high jet of water can result in small ruptures of the mucous membrane in the intestine.

These small tears will make it easy for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases such as CNog to enter.

In this way, unsafe anal washing can increase the chances of sexually transmitted diseases.

Bowel weakness makes the bowel more susceptible to other pathogens.

So it’s always better to use a condom or glove with a lot of lubrication. And vaccinate yourself against hepatitis B.

Giving yourself a shock, in this case, will irritate the bowel more and end up moving sperm and any pathogens inside.

Clean your toys.

butt plugs

You should ensure the toys and enema bulb are cleaned well with good water and also soap in different durations.

If someone else wants to rinse the rectum with the same device, be sure to clean it well.

This will prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and hepatitis C.

The best way to cleanse your equipment is with 1:10 whitening solution (one part of the bleach to ten parts of the water).

Allow the dishes to sit in the solution for at least one minute and then rinse thoroughly with water.

The alternative is to boil the equipment: place it in a large pan with plenty of water and let it boil for at least three to five minutes.

You could also use a shower set. A shower set is a set of tools that allow you to connect it to a bathtub or shower.

Some can be attached permanently, and others can be attached (when you need it). The good thing about this type of shower is that you get a steady flow rate.

There is no possibility of what I call “suck” (I’ll explain later) – and you’ll get a deeper cleanser because you’re experiencing more stress. Of course, this means you need to be very careful when using something like this – which is why I recommend using a product that allows you to adjust the pressure.

This type of shower can be worth thinking about if you are someone who has a deeper and more courageous enema regularly (even large bags or industrial teeth).

With a little exercise, they can be easy to use, but cleaning them can be a little pain since they are usually in smaller parts, and trying to clean the hoses can be a nuisance – but it will make you feel cleaner and confident – for this.



I hope you now understand the benefits–and the risks–of anal douching. Now you’re ready to douche away safely and securely. Enjoy your anal adventures!

How to Have a Prostate Orgasm


When most of us received instructions about sex, we understood an basic rule: men’s sexual satisfaction is transmitted through their external genitalia, while women achieve it on the inside.

But it would seem that men fell short with that classification, in light of the fact that there is another focus of intense delight within the male body.

The orgasms aided by the prostate (“P-Spot Orgasms”) are not generally accepted as much as those achieved through the penis.

But there is an powerful network of people who have found uncontrollably exceptional and long orgasms that can transmit throughout the body.

There is a good reason, considering everything, why the sex toy industry is flooded with the prostate stimulators,  massagers and accessories. “Progasms”, as they are called from time to time, can be a very special and sensual experience.

In fact, it is commonly understood that women feel significantly more sensation at orgasm than men. Prostate orgasms can help bridge the gap.

For some, this domain remains largely unexplored and uncomfortable.

So, here are five steps to the prostate orgasm of your dreams.

Fives Steps To P-Spot Pleasure:

Prepare for it

When the butt’s in the game, it is essential to avoid potential risk.

Things tend to get confused when this place of the body is included, but a simple routine can allow the sex participants to avoid.

For the man who hopes to achieve an orgasm aided by the prostate, a douche is probably an smart thought.

The procedure cleans out your entire body’s litter so you do not have to worry about it becoming sex.

It would not be bad to follow up with a shower.

The perpetrator must also take some well-mannered measures to increase the understanding of his accomplice.

The skin around the back is delicate and can tear effectively, so cutting the nails and cleaning the hands is an unquestionable requirement.

Couples may need to prepare themselves with paper towels and elastic gloves.

Lube Up, Warm Up

It’s not like a vagina–the butt isn’t self-lubricating.

So a lot of lubricant is welcome, and you should be constantly adding more throughout your rendezvous.

For people who are not familiar with anal penetration, a little warm-up can go a long way.

Set up your partner for penetration by touching your buttocks, stroking the stick and rubbing the back (or, in other words, the nerve endings ofyour erogenous zones).

Other popular and attractive areas are areolas and ears, but each person is different.

The best method to understand where you should touch your partner is by asking.

Have a generous massage

Finding the prostate can be difficult for people who have not done it before.

But it is not so difficult.

Since the prostate swells when it is excited, it is better to start the procedure after it is stimulated effectively.

The prostate can be found remotely through the perineum (the beautiful stone territory placed between the scrotum and the back).

It is possible that his partner achieves orgasm by essentially applying weight to the territory and directing a liberal back massage.

But for individuals who are inclined towards a more direct pathway, penetration is the best approach.

The prostate is located around two inches below the rectum towards the scrotum.

After inserting a finger (or two if you feel good) you should feel a ball the size of a chestnut.

Moving the finger(s) in a “come here” movement towards your navel can stimulate the prostate to the point of orgasm.

Use your muscles

We all know Kegels, but what many people do not understand is that both sexes can benefit from this type of activity.

The muscles of Pubococcygeus (PC) not only allow men to maintain control over urine and blood flow to the penis, but can also help them in orgasm.

Like the female G-spot orgasm, the orgasms aided by the prostate (P-spot orgasms) are achieved and sustained through a sequence of muscle contractions, so strengthening this territory is vital.

There are a number of different ways in which you can do this, but among the best is to tighten your pelvic floor muscles as if holding in a fart.

Keep toys in mind!

Certainly, it is incredible to have an partner that can really help.

But there is a whole market for people who do it alone.

The prostate massager Aneros Progasm is, in every way, the handling of the way with regard to the orgasms aided by the prostate.

The Aneros is a generally small gadget (3.5 inches) with wavy molding that customers can, without much stretching, get into their ass.

It comes equipped with a holder for easy removal and a “tab” that sits against the perineum for extra joy.

By holding their buttocks, clients rotate the device forward, ensuring contact with the prostate.

At the point where the muscles relax, the device returns to its stationary position.

This caressing movement is what strengthens the “p-point” and is considered, without hands, twisted orgasms.

Also, you do not need to stop there.

A considerable amount of people who also appreciate using a cock ring in the middle of their prostate pleasure.

Empower it

When you locate the prostate, begin to make a “come here” movement with the tip of your finger, caressing the highest point of the prostate.

As you did with the perineum, gradually increase your weight and continue to check in with yourself about what feels good.

Once you have discovered the weight that works, experiment with two or three different strokes and see what you enjoy the most.

You can try to use your fingers in circles, keep your finger still and apply weight, or move your finger in and out.

The ecstasy created by the prostate has a lot of health advantages besides a surprising and novel orgasm.

The process allows you to expel fluid from the prostate, and increase blood flow to the pelvic area.

This can help decrease inflammation and protect against cancer.

Apart from the strength, the most refreshing part of the orgasms helped by the prostate should be that they take into account numerous orgasms (no more female jealousy!).

With orgasms aided by the prostate, many men will find a “dry orgasm”, which means they will not be discharged and can go for hours.


Penetrative orgasm is something that appeals both homosexual and heterosexual men.

Unfortunately, homophobia and old-school sex education seem to have slowed the uptake of popular acceptance of this sensitive subject.

The prostate-assisted orgasm procedure allows men to venture out of established sex roles, hand over the sexual reins to a different driver, and experience another means of control.

As the dominatrix expert Margaret Corvid thinks, “it is an open door for men to appreciate the receptivity and helplessness of being infiltrated, or, in other words, a part of sexuality that is largely beyond the reach of men in the standard sexual culture. “

How To Prep For Anal

The muscles and nerve endings around the anus are highly sensitive, and  feel great when stimulated by a finger, sex toy, tongue, or penis.

At first, it is recommended that you should start anal sex without a partner at first to ensure you are comfortable doing it.

For a man, butt plugs feel good against the prostate.

Many men have orgasms just from pressure on the prostate (the P-spot).

For a woman, they can easily stimulate their G-spot indirectly through anal play.

Difficulty: Average 

What you need: Butt plug/small dildo/anal beads; a lubricant, a vibrator (optional) 

Time Required: About an hour to achieve complete ejaculation.


Prep For Anal

Select a toy

Butt plugs are a good beginner item. But one may also use anal beads or a slim jelly dildo as a beginner item.

Make sure to have lots of lubricant handy (preferably a thicker water-based lube).

Trim your fingernails. You should ensure that your state of hygiene is totally on edge.

One should take a bath initially and then try it out.

Next, do what you do to get yourself in the mood

There are a variety of ways to accomplish that arousal, to get yourself in the mood to masturbate.

Find a position where you’re most comfortable, and where your butt is still accessible. You need to put some lubricants on the fingers and smear around the anus area.

Then you will be required to slowly do some massage. Then concentrate on relaxing the butt muscles. Now, gently insert a lubed fingertip.

You may sense some restriction.

If so, massage the anus and try pushing out as you’re pushing your finger in.

Once you’re in, stop for a moment, and let yourself adjust to this new sensation.

Then you will start the exploration.

Now, let’s try it with a butt plug

Remove your finger, add some lubricant to the plug and insert it slowly.

Again, if you’re having some trouble, massage the anus, breathe deeply and try again.

Do not try to insert the entire toy right away.

Insert a little at a time to allow your butt to adjust to an incoming rather than an outgoing object.

Once inside, continue inserting as long as it feels good

Continue applying lubricant as the slipperier, the better. There is a variety of plug sizes and will fit inside the anus.

You can leave the toy in place and explore other areas, or, stay where you are and try out different variations in movement.

You can turn it, push it, tap on it, if it’s a vibrator, you can increase or decrease the speeds.

Make sure that if the plug you’re using is curved, that the curve points towards your stomach.

This provides added sensation to either the prostate, the p-spot or the g-spot. One may be willing to try to orgasm with the plug in place.

It’s recommended that you remove the plug fairly soon after you come, but do it so gently.

Quick Tips:

• If you find that you like movement in and out of your anus, try a slim dildo. The jelly dildo will work to start with.
• Use a dildo with a long handle for better grip.
• Plugs or dildos with suction cups are a great hands-free way to penetrate yourself. Stick them to just about any surface and “ta-da” no hands!!
• Also recommended are Anal Beads as the butt muscles contract around each bead as they are inserted.
• Silicone plugs and dildos are easily cleaned with soap and water, and those made of rubber and cyberskin can be used with condoms.

Anal sex can be fun and also pleasurable. But you must be concerned about the pain, hygiene, and STDs that may prove to be a problem in the long run. Knowing about these safety aids is vital in particular when testing the capability and level of stimulation of anal sex all through.

Anal Sex Hygiene:

Before any type of anal sex activity, it is important that you protect yourself and your partner. Ensure you talk with your partner(s) on the best way to ensure your health. Before having the first intercourse of the day, you need to ensure you wash up for hygiene is paramount. The anal enema can be used for this purpose for in is a solution of a surge of distilled clean water. You can find an anal enema easily at any sex toys store easily.

Your first anal sex toy:

Whenever you try the anal sex toy you must be keen on the kind of flexible jelly as some may prove hard to insert so it is better to avoid using such a toy and rather use vibrator sex toys which are not only stimulates sexual feelings but also take the whole sexual pleasure to the next level. So make sure to purchase a vibrator sex toy when you are about to buy your first sex toy.

Using condoms for further safety:

By using condoms, you avoid the risk of getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases which are popularly known as STD’s.

It is also good for monogamous partners for some germs may be transferred from the anus to the penis and cause infections such as Urinary Tract Infection (UTIs).

Also, it is vital to ensure you utilize water-based soaps and condoms made of latex – an oil-based lube will destroy the condom.

It has become really easy to get condoms today as not only medical shops sell them but you can also buy it from any sex toys store as well.

Finally, when your have all the necessary items to have sex, it is time for you first to relax.

Pain will most certainly occur the receiver is tense and clenching their sphincter muscles.

A message is great beforehand, and as things progress one may be willing to stimulate the anal rim first and then slowly penetrate with ample lubricant.

It will be an amazing experience that you will cherish for a long time and do it time and time again.