It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane!… It’s… Fantasticocks!! An Interview with the Creators of Fantasticocks


Roleplay and fantasy are a huge part of kink and BDSM culture – whether you are engaging in acts of edgeplay from the darker side of play, or enjoying littlespace and venturing into diapers, there is a little bit of something for everyone! With a many kinksters, their different headspaces and kinks overlap.

Sometimes a masochistic streak finds new expression in pet play, and sometimes littles enjoy being playful cute baby versions of more adult and developed pet spaces.

There is no limit to how many headspaces you can enjoy at once! But this article is for those who enjoy a bit of petplay – whether you have a fully developed petplay headspace or are just getting introduced to the idea, a fantasy sex toy may be just what you need to fully emerge yourself into your pet space.

What are fantasy or exotic toys, you may ask? They are unconventionally shaped toys that are based on certain fantasies, fandoms, and headspaces that may not be completely human.

You may find dildos with knots to give a bit of canine thrust into your sexual play, or masturbators shaped like the nuzzles of wolves or dragons.

If you’ve ever played kinky Dungeons and Dragons and found yourself at the mercy of a hoard dragon, and enjoyed it, you might enjoy enhancing your sexytime with a little bit of dungeon crawling roleplay.

Here to tell us more about the wide world of wonderful exotic toys and their fantastic shop is Fantasticocks!



LSL: I want to start by saying thank you for this interview.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your shop?

FC: We are an indie sex toy company that specializes in fantasy toys and toys that appeal to a variety of individuals and fetishes.

LSL: How many people make up the team that puts together these curious creations?

FC: Two. But we’ve known each other for so long it’s sometimes like we share a mind.

LSL: I remember the first toy I spied of yours was the Magnate.

I am still in love with the fanciful design.

As a robot fetishist it really spoke to me because I had never seen anything like it before.

I felt it was inspired. So I have to ask, what inspired you to start your business?

FC: We’ve always been creative people, with a love of halloween and various fandoms.

One day we were talking about how big the sex industry is in general and how we should start making dildos.

It was said more as a joke but quickly became a reality.

We rushed out to get clay to start sculpting our first toys and Fanasticocks was born.


LSL: Your designs are so detailed and show a great variety of creatures already!

How do you come up with different concepts and shapes?


FC: A lot of the designs are born out of our love of sci-fi and horror, but really inspiration can come from anywhere.

We really enjoy getting feedback from our customers and potential customers, for instance we kept getting a lot of requests for a sergal inspired dildo and Zion was born shortly after.

The Kraken Eggs were actually inspired by a lamp we saw in the store.

LSL: How do you know when a shape is good or bad?

What is your design process from concept to creation and sale?


FC: Usually we can tell if a design is good or bad by stroking it (this usually happens when we are cleaning a model before the molding process).

If our hand gets hung up somewhere then chances are the same thing will happen with the final product when someone is using it.

Before we get to that point we think about 4 key things, size, curvature, girth and texture.

Once we figure out what size we want to create, how thick it should be and how should it curve to best suit people we then focus on the look of the plain toy before deciding on what it’s final form will be and what textures we want to add to increase customer satisfaction.

After that we 3D print the model, make the mold and pour the first toy in a color scheme that fits it’s story.


LSL: Do you make custom or commissioned orders?

If so, how do you price these unique customs?

Do you release them to your shop or do they end up being one-time creations?

FC: Magnate was actually a commissioned toy from the very beginning of our shop, however over the past year as sales have increased we have had to stop taking commissions as they pull us away from the shop and our main goal is to get orders out in a timely fashion and with most of our orders being custom color choices we spend a great deal of our day pouring orders to fulfill them on time.

We are however always open to suggestions from customers or potential customers on what they would like to see on the shop and if it’s been requested a lot, really cool, or completely weird we add to our list of things to make.

LSL: How do you quality test your products?

FC: A lot of times if it’s for a particular fandom we’ve sent them out to loyal customers to get their feedback before it hits the shop.

After awhile though you start to learn what is going to work and what isn’t.

We recently redesigned one of our older toys to put them back on the shop and as soon as we unmolded them we knew it was going to be too flimsy to use so it went back to the drawing board.

Besides that we have lit them on fire (they don’t burn), picked up bowling balls with some of our suction cups (Clithulu really sucks) and have stuck them to a car window by the suction cup at 60mph (they didn’t move, video to come).


LSL: That is amazing!

Which of your toys would you suggest for a first time user – both vaginally and anally?

And what would you suggest for a seasoned pro?

FC: First time user vaginally I would say Mako, he’s not super long and girthy but he’s got plenty of texture.

Anally first time maybe Edon, he’s also not super long and girthy but he does have a knot for people to work up to.

He’s a best seller for a reason.

Season pro vaginally, Pon.

He’s thick, he’s got fairly large protruding ribs and definitely would be worth the ride.

Forlax as well would be great for a seasoned pro both vaginally and anally due to his immense size and shape.  

For seasoned pro anally, Clithulu, he’s girthy and long with a great taper.

LSL: Do you have any toys that might cater to those who enjoy something that is sizable?

FC: Forlax, Clithulu, Theo and Mier are our biggest toys.

Theo is the longest toy, Forlax, Mier and Clithulu are all long and girthy.

LSL: Do you get compared to Bad Dragon a lot?

How would you say you are different?

FC: We do and we don’t.

Most people don’t say that we remind them of Bad Dragon perse, but they do mention that we have a quicker shipping speed and more reasonable prices for the same quality.

People also mention how it’s much easier to contact us and we respond in a timely fashion.

A lot of these comparisons come down to size we’re sure.

Bad Dragon is doing way more sales per day than us, which allows us to ship faster and communicate quicker with our customers.

But we are also hustlers by nature and us getting toys to people in a timely fashion is really important to us on top of us both having many years of customer service experience, so providing a positive customer experience is also a top priority.


LSL: Customer service is so important. It definitely helps keep the customers coming back for more!

Why exotic fantasy toys and not the usual run of the mill dildos?

FC: Run of the mill dildos are boring.

Why be a normal dildo when you can be an alien?

LSL: That’s true. There is so much diversity in what fantasy has to offer.

What is your favourite creature to make?

FC: Aliens and other exterrestrial beings give us the most freedom in designs.

Aliens don’t have to look like anything in particular and they can be as wild and crazy as we like.

We can’t make a dragon with tentacles… but then again we could.

LSL: What is the strangest dildo you have in your current stock?

FC: Crux, we’re still not sure how people use him.

LSL: Hopefully with big smiles!

Which toy is your favourite and why?

FC: Pon and Theo.

Pon is kind of a simple design but he is easily a favorite, and Theo was our first big toy and was sculpted out of clay so we spent a lot of time on him working on his feathers and different details.

LSL: Do you have any new designs in the works that you would like to tell us about?

FC: We are getting ready to release a direwolf and are in the initial design stages on a new genie inspired toy.

LSL: just in time for Game of Thrones!

How often do you come out with new designs?

FC: Not as often as we would like, but we are trying to release or re-release old toys that have been redesigned around once or twice a month.


LSL: Is there a creature you don’t have represented amongst your designs that you would like to do?

FC: Yes. We really want to release a sasquatch toy as well as some plant based alien toys.

LSL: I know you have one male masturbator, the Singularity (which I think is clever as heck).

Will you be making more?



LSL: Great! I can’t wait to see what others you come up with.

Do you think you will ever delve into toys that are geared more towards the LGBTQ+ community?

How will you approach this?

Do you have any designs in the works?


FC: Absolutely. We don’t want to get into specifics but we are developing an entire line of toys for the trans community.

We know that they are very underrepresented in the fantasy toy market and being an all inclusive toy maker is very important to us.

We’ve been talking to many individuals in the community to get their input on the size and design of these toys so that they suit their needs.

We also run sales and have speciality pride based pours that we run in the months leading up to and after pride.

egg toy

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egg toy

LSL: Inclusivity and representation is so so important across gender identity,  sexuality and kink.

I know you have egg toys.

Would you suggest them for use in oviposition?

Will you be making egg toys for this type of kink?

FC: Of course they can be used with ovipositing but people need to remember that our toys are silicone based so care needs to be used when using them for this purpose.

We don’t want eggs getting lost for lack of a better term.

We hope to release an ovipositor sometime this year as well, we are just still working on the logistics.

LSL: Some other sex toys come with a cumtube for those with a breeding kink.

Is this something you might do with your own designs in the future?

FC: Yes, obviously we have a lot of ideas that we haven’t gotten to do yet.

We’ve experimented with this in the past but haven’t been able to work on this quite awhile as we work to to keep up with demand.

LSL: Are your toys strap-on friendly?

Which ones would you suggest for strap-on use?

FC: We know that Edon, Alpha, Indra and Dante can all accomodate a metal o-ring, however we have had customers in the past who have gotten creative with toys like Theo and created their own harnesses out of bondage rope.

LSL: Do you think you will venture into using other materials?

FC: Anything is possible.

LSL: Sex toys can be really expensive, especially those that are considered more “specialty” items like exotic dildos, how do you manage to keep the cost low on your toys?

FC: We’re a two person team that is busting our ass.

By not having to hire employees we’re able to keep some of the cost down, but also we’re not greedy.

We think that everyone should have access to toys that make them feel good.

LSL: Do you sell your toys to toy retailers or distributors?

Or can your toys only be found on Etsy?

FC: Currently our toys can only be found on Etsy but we hope to have a website in the future.

We’ve talked about possibly distributing our toys to shops but we also don’t want to lose the customizable aspect of our business by doing this either.

LSL: What firmness are your toys?

Do you provide a range?

Can the customer customize firmness?

Do you offer toys with a split firmness?

FC: Currently we only offer one firmness of toys.

All of the dildos and eggs come in one firmness Shore A 00-50, while Axa comes in Shore A 00-20.

We’re really limited in the options we can provide on Etsy.

When we launch the website we are hoping to be able to launch split firmness toys, however we don’t know if we will offer a range of firmness options yet.

People who were on the fence about our toys due to the super soft shore rating have come back to tell us how much they love the firmness and squish of our toys.

Our toys are firm enough to stand on their own but soft and squishy enough to be comfortable.

The term super soft is really misleading.

LSL: What aspects of your toys can a customer customize?

FC: Customers can pick their colors, the pour style (fade or marble) and are able to have a suction cup base included at no extra cost.

Etsy will allow them to pick to their two colors, however if they want a specific pour style they need to include a note with their order.

LSL: Why platinum cure silicone?

What makes it better than the rest?

FC: Platinum cure is non-porous, extremely durable and easy to clean.

Because we use platinum cure silicone our toys will last longer and won’t become brittle and are skin safe.

Some of the cheaper toys can leach chemicals over time but platinum silicone won’t do that so you know they’re safe for years to come.

LSL: Are there any downsides to using this material?

FC: Platinum cure silicone can be really finicky.

It doesn’t like latex or other silicones so customers, as well as ourselves need to be careful when handling and storing these products.

Platinum silicones also have shorter pot life so we need to work quickly when pouring our toys so the silicone doesn’t start to set up before we can get it poured.


LSL: We would love to get a little peek inside, past the store and products and get to know the person behind the toys.

What started you on this journey?

Is this a hobby, career or lifestyle for you?


FC: This has quickly become a career for us.

It started out as just a way for us to experiment, be creative and make a little extra money but over the course of the year we have decided to dedicate our time to exclusively making fantasy toys.

LSL: That is a dream come true!

There are so many polarized opinions regarding sex work.

Where do you stand?

What are your views?

FC: We are all for people doing what makes them happy.

We just want people to be smart and safe about it and know that they are in control of what happens to and with their body.
LSL: Now, just because you make fantasy sex toys, doesn’t necessarily mean that you use them.

So, are you involved in the kink or fetish scene at all? In what ways?

FC: As a gay male and straight female team we have had different experiences within the fetish communities.

One of us is into pup play and the other has dabbled in voyeurism and domming.

We are however all for exploring new and exciting things and we often live by the phrase “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it”.

LSL: As we are predominantly a DDLG and BDSM blog, can you tell me what you know about DDLG?

Do you have an opinion on it?

FC: We know that DDLG stands for Daddy Dom, Little Girl, we know that the relationship is not always sexual in nature.

Once again, we don’t judge anyone for doing what brings them happiness or pleasure in life.

LSL: Do you personally use any of the toys from your own line?

If so, which is your favourite?

FC: Argus, a recently discontinued Zandril, and an Axa.

Argus is great with all of his textures and Axa also feels amazing.

LSL: And your favourite from another toymaker?

FC: We actually don’t own any toys from other toymakers of this nature.

While we appreciate them from afar we want to assure that ideas we have for new toys remain our own and are not influenced by their designs.

LSL: You must get asked some strange questions.

What would you say is the strangest question you’ve ever received? How did you answer it?

FC: We take all questions we receive really seriously but also when we say we love the weird we weren’t kidding.

We recently got asked if we would consider making set of worms for people with symbiote fantasies and it was actually a really exciting question for us to receive and hopefully we can accomodate the request soon!

It opened our eyes to a whole different fantasy that people have that we weren’t necessarily aware of before.

LSL: Are you an ally of the LGBTQ+ community?

Why and how do you relate to the community?

What does your allyship look like?

Do you mind telling our readers a little bit about your own sexuality and how it affects your creative process?

FC: 100%. As one of the founding members of the company is a gay male himself we are not only allies but also part of the community.

We have made it one of our missions to make sure no one feels unsafe or unwelcomed at our shop.

Our personal sexuality really doesn’t affect our creative process as much as it aids it.

We use this knowledge to help us in designing toys that everyone can use, they way that they want to use them.

LSL: What kind of credentials do you have to be doing what you do?

FC: We both have science and design backgrounds of various natures that have helped us along the way, as well as we both understand what feels good to both women and men and anything we are not sure of we don’t hesitate to do research or ask people who may have a better understanding than us.

LSL: Can you tell us three important things people should pay attention to when they are purchasing a sex toy?

FC: Size, Materials, and Design.

We often hear from people who don’t pay close enough attention to the size of the toys.

Photos can be deceiving and we don’t want people to purchase toys that may be too big for them and could potentially hurt them.

Paying attention to the materials used will ensure that they are body safe and won’t possibly leach toxins.

And with design it kind of loops back to size, making sure that a knot isn’t too big, that the texture is conducive to your likes/dislikes and this will also let them know how easy it is to clean afterwards.

Our number one piece of advice after purchasing a toy is always listen to your body, if it’s telling you not to do something it’s probably for your own safety.

LSL: Do you have any questions for me?

FC: What type of fantasy inspired toys would you like to see more of on the market?


LSL: That’s a great question! I would love to see more fantasy-inspired masturbators for penis-having humans. My Daddy loves the concept of a masturbator with a fox/kitsune design muzzle, but we do not see many like that!


I want to thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions!

Do you have any last words for our readers?

FC: Be safe, have fun, and fuck your fantasy!


~ ☆ ☆ ☆ ~


Punishing Your Submissive / Little

One of the basic tenants of submission is obedience.

A submissive is meant to obey their Dominant as the Dominant is supposed to be their guide and treated as their better. However, sometimes this is not the case.

Every now and again, even the best behaved little will act out against their caregiver’s wishes.

So, what do you do to stop it?

How do you punish a little?

First off, as always, communication is key.

Before punishment begins, have a sit down and discuss with your little what they did wrong.

Explain how it makes you feel when they do not obey you, when they step out of line.

Explain why it is important to both you and them that they do not do it again, or make this something that is recurring.

Next, choose a punishment.

Always remember that a punishment should match the crime.

Giving a punishment that is too excessive may cause resentment.

Being too soft may cause recurrence.

Every submissive is different..some love pain, some hate it.

Some love menial tasks, some despise them.

The key to choosing a proper punishment comes in knowing your little well enough to know what they themselves would consider a punishment and not funishment.

Also remember to be consistent.

As with any form of training/conditioning, if you are inconsistent with your punishments or too lenient, it may cause your submissive to flout your authority and lose respect for you as a Dominant.

I have been asked many a time by submissives what they should do with a Dominant that is not consistent and doesn’t punish when they have done something wrong.

So please, keep that in mind.

While they may not enjoy the punishment, they want to be shown and reminded that you are capable of correcting them, and that you are strong enough to stand by your word.

Being firm is important.

Not immovable, obviously. In certain circumstances, compromise should be sought and negotiation should be employed – for example, if a certain punishment cannot be enacted, this should not completely negate the punishment. Instead find an equivalent that is suitable.

Funishment vs. Punishment

Never use funishment as a form of reprimand or actual discipline.

What is funishment?

Funishment is something that could be considered a form of punishment but is lighthearted and enjoyable.

Funishment is best used for submissives that have a bratty nature that you do not wish to correct.

Funishment ends up being positive reinforcement because, while the actions might be punishments for others, in your specific dynamic, they are fun for both the Dominant and the submissive.

This is a common mistake especially among individuals new to the lifestyle.

Do not expect change when using a form of punishment that isn’t actually considered punishment by your little.

This is why it is always important to communicate beforehand what is enjoyable, what is not enjoyable, ons and offs, what constitutes a yes or a hard no.

While punishment is meant to teach a lesson, it should never cross the limits of either submissive or the Dominant.

When it crosses into this territory it is considered abuse, not discipline.

Common Punishments

Here are some punishments to consider running by your little.

Keep in mind to remind them – punishments are not supposed to be fun or something they enjoy – but, as mentioned earlier, they should not be so severe as to cross the lines of consent.

  • Spanking/Impact Play

for a submissive that is not terribly keen on impact play, a spanking can be just enough of a reprimand for an indiscretion made.

Choose a number that is just past the usual range of tolerable but one that will not trigger the use of a safeword.

Your goal is to discipline, not to push them past their boundaries.

Have the submissive count each strike.

If they miss a number, have them start over.

Remember to keep spanking to safe areas – never hit at the base of the spine or along the spine or lower back as there are vital organs that could be damaged.

Aim for the inner thighs, outer thighs, back of the thighs and underside of the buttocks.

For a harder or more sadistic Daddy/Mommy Dom this can be a treat.

  • Lines:

I have found that this tends to be a hated task amongst many submissives, littles included, which makes it great for punishment.

First, figure out a sentence that aptly describes how they misbehaved and how they are not to do it again.

For example, if you have a rule that your submissive is not to speak out of line in public, and they’ve done that, your sentence may be something like, “I will not be mouthy to Daddy/Mommy in public.”

If you are especially upset you may tack on a reason why – “because it is against our rules” or maybe “because it undermines my Daddy’s/Mommy’s authority”.

Choose a number of times they are to write this out and have them do so.

Make sure they show you the proof. If the handwriting is messy for a few of them, have the submissive rewrite those sentences.

If they miss a word, have them rewrite it.

If they try to cheat by misnumbering their lines, have them redo the whole thing.

You can have them do so in their neatest printing or cursive.

Don’t like the idea of repetitive lines?

Have them write out 20 or more reasons why they shouldn’t do what they’ve done.

  • Timeout

ignoring one’s submissive for long periods of time is never a good route to take.

Instead, put your submissive on time out.

Give them strict rules to follow during this timeout.

Some good options are no social media, no phone or computer, no television, no talking, face a corner, take deep breaths and remain calm.

Give them a specified time limit so it does not cause them unnecessary panic and they know the punishment will not go on forever.

If they break the rules, though, tack on more time.

Once their time is up, let them know they can talk to you again.

  • Gags

Especially useful for submissives that express themselves through talking, or tend to be mouthy or verbally bratty, a gag is much like a timeout in that it forces the submissive to be quiet and takes away their voice.

Again, specify the time limit and give them appropriate rules while they are gagged.

  • No Touching

A submissive always wants to please their Dominant.

In sexual dynamics, imposing a no touching rule for a duration of time could be a great punishment.

It deprives the little of that physical, sexual closeness they crave and gets across that you are upset enough to deprive yourself of that delicacy as well.

You could also choose that they not touch themselves in a sexual manner as well for a duration of time.

  • No Treats

If your little is one with a sweet tooth who is regularly rewarded with treats, take this away for an appropriate amount of time.

Usually a couple of days to a week; maybe even a month if the infraction is more severe.

  • No Cumming 

A cum ban can be a funishment to some, but to others it can be a sufficient punishment.

It can be especially useful when you still toy and play with them, edge them, but do not allow them the release they want, even when they beg for it.

This one is more emotionally impactful because of the implications.

As a Dom you want your submissive to cum for you, so their actions have now deprived you both of something you normally enjoy.

  • No TV/Netflix 

Lots of littles love watching cartoons in little space.

If they have been naughty, and not in the good way, limit their TV time, or take it away altogether for a specific amount of time.

If the infraction is not as serious, keep it to a day or two.

If it is more serious, extend it to a week.

If your little is not into cartoons but loves gaming, limit that instead.

  • More Chores

This is a good one for littles that do not enjoy doing chores.

Tacking on more for them to do will certainly teach them a lesson.

This is especially good if the wrongdoing was originally chore related.

Have them clean something they wouldn’t normally clean, or do more of one thing they already do.

Have them sort the recycling, take out the garbage, sweep, vacuum, dust.

If anything is not done perfectly, have them do it again until you are satisfied.

  • Figging

If you and your submissive enjoy anal play, this could be something that makes it less enjoyable and is more of a sexual form of punishment.

Figging is the act of taking a ginger root, peeling it, carving it into the shape of an anal plug, and inserting it into the anus.

The burning sensation is intense though harmless.

There are many precautions to take, however.

Ensure when you carve it that you do not carve it too thin and make sure you have a wide enough base to hold onto so that you will be able to pull the entire piece out.

Keep in mind it does not need to be kept in for long as the sensations will continue after removal as the body reacts to the ginger’s juices and oils.

This one is a little more severe on the pain scale so please keep that in mind.

  • Tickling

I for one hate being tickled.

While it can be fun in short bursts, being restrained and tickled at length can be very frustrating and even a little humiliating (especially if your little is also an ABDL and wears diapers).

For some this could be a great funishment, for others a great punishment.

  • Early Bedtime

No little wants to go to bed early when they could be enjoying themselves for hours upon hours.

Set a strict, early bedtime for anywhere from a day to a week depending on the severity of punishment needed.

They are not allowed to bring their phones or toys to bed with them.

If they cannot sleep then they should lay there in silence until they do fall asleep.

  • No Creampies

If your submissive is one who is perhaps a bit of a cumslut as it were, and enjoys and craves the sensation of you cumming in them, deprive them of this until they give you a few days/week/couple week’s worth of impeccably good behavior to earn back the privilege.

  • The Soap Treatment

If your submissive has a potty mouth or has said something rather distasteful, or perhaps ate a treat when they weren’t supposed to, have them wash their mouth out with soap.

Make sure they use a mild soap and rinse their mouths thoroughly when done.

Most people dislike the taste of soap, plus it is a little humiliating and patronizing, so it makes for a good physical and emotional form of punishment.

  • Temperature Play

If your submissive is not keen on more extreme temperatures, you can use this to your advantage.

Have them take a short cold shower, run ice over their most sensitive and reactive body parts, chill a glass or metal dildo or plug in cold water and insert it.

You could also do the same with heat (though I would keep heat away from more intimate spaces like the sexual organs).

They will squirm and ask you to stop.

Reiterate that this is a punishment and it will end when they have been sufficiently punished.

Aftercare and Debriefing

Even though a punishment is meant to right wrongs, aftercare is still extremely important.

I would say it is especially important.

Submissives tend to get very upset and frustrated with themselves when they find that they have disappointed their Dom.

They will need to be reassured that you still care for them, that you are not angry, that they have been forgiven, and that you still find them every bit as wonderful and desirable as you ever have.

Explain to them that you can still adore them even when they do something wrong, but that it is necessary to bring to their attention when they have misstepped and to dole out punishment accordingly to curb the unwanted behavior.

Make sure the aftercare also tends to any physical needs the submissive may have.

If you have spanked them, tied them, gagged them, or done other more physical punishments, make sure they are taken care of first and foremost.

Ice bruising flesh, run a warm bath to soothe any aching muscles, get them something sweet to stave off sub drop, snuggle them close and be near to them, bring them their favorite stuffie and a blanket, allow them to take a nap with you, etc.

Debriefing is also essential – discuss how the punishment made them feel – physically and emotionally.

Explain again why the punishment was needed.

Talk to them about what they did wrong.

Have them contemplate what they did, why they were punished, and what caused them to act out in the way that they did.

Get to the bottom of what spurned on the disagreeable behavior so that you can solve the issue together.

Did they act out because they wanted more attention?

If so why did they feel they were not getting enough attention?

Did they act out because they were angry?

What caused them to be angry enough to not discuss it and use their big words instead of breaking rules?

These are all important questions to ask because without clarification, rectifying the problem, and employing change, they will continue to act contrary to your wishes.

Remember, as a Dominant it is your duty to guide your submissive, to teach them how to be the best versions of themselves, and how to serve you in the best way they can.

It is also important as a Dom to know how to best serve and guide your submissive.

Having open and honest communication helps you both grow in your dynamic.

How To Be My DDLG Daddy

So, you want to be my DDLG Daddy?

Do you want to be a Daddy Dominant? Do you want to be my Daddy Dom?

Some of you out there are naturals. For the rest, here are some very important things that you should know!

Spoil me

Pumper me like I’m your little submissive girl 🙂 Take me to places were you and I can just walk together whisper naughty things to each other. Make me your little pink princess with blown up dresses and little doll shoes with short heels.

Buy me toys and accessories, wrap them with hearts and ribbons and see the stars in the eyes when I open them.  

ddlg quotes  


I’m your little one all the time, you have to show me that you are there for me as well. I love, adore, and need lots of communication.

Yes, I understand work and real life pressures, I understand when you can’t communicate as much as I want you to.

But, if you really want me, you’ll show it by keeping in touch as often as you can.

It doesn’t have to be kinky or sexy all the time, telling me about your day, your thoughts, the goofy/kinky/shiny thing you saw that made you think of me.

Honestly, if you’re truly interested/charmed/enthralled by me, you’ll want to talk to/with me as much as possible.

In my experience, the level of communication has been a huge indication of a potential Daddy’s level of intentions.

How to communicate ? Here are few ideas for you :

    • First text of the day
      Good morning texts are extremely important! I can be kinda insecure and I generally won’t contact you first. Lets me know that you are thinking about me. Strip me from my issues and shoot me into a great new day with you on my mind.
    • Let me hear you
      Your voice comforts me, excites me, and can take me to some amazing places. I need to hear it at least once a day to be truly content. Videochat is the best, but I will also take a voice message in hard times.
    • Love me, envelop me, encouragement me
      Just like any girl, love and encouragement make me blossom. As a little, I may need more than a grown-up. If you want to see me in full bloom, be my sunshine and watch me grow towards you!
    • Compliment me
      If you like something, mention it! I’ll be sure to do it more often and strive for even more of your approval!


Pay attention to me

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As a little in DD/LG, I try my best to obey all the time.

But that does not mean that when I am feeling insecure or upset about something that I don’t sway in the direction of bratty behavior, not disobedience but smart comments, petulance or grumpiness.

It is usually that something is bothering me and it is not time for me to talk to Daddy.

I trust you to know to handle me and bring me up from those dark episodes.

I like rules and rituals

Like any little girl, I like rules and want to be reminded where do I stand.  

Those things shows me where the boundaries are.

Like having a nice, safe, grassy, yard to play in, fences (and rules) keep bad things at bay.

Be the alpha male but don’t be a male

whatever daddy says goes DDLG image

Complex ? For sure.

Yes, I want to adore you, I want to follow you, I want to feel weak around you and I want you to be my guardian angel.

I want to be able to depend on you and be sure that you will take care of me for ever and ever after.

But…. I want to be proud that you own me (I also want you to be proud on me) but I would hate to see you cocky.

I want to pat you ego but I don’t want it to be the one that leads us.

Take control over me, lead us together to the better place that you plan for us but don’t be bossy and ignore me.

The plain vanilla-women stuff

Being a Daddy in DDLG is kinda like being an uber boyfriend and an even more amazing man.

A Daddy needs to be able to tell a little what he wants/expects/craves in a clear and honest manner.

Lying, cheating, consent violations, and abuse are anathema to a Daddy.

We all make mistakes, but a Daddy takes responsibility for his as soon as he realizes/processes them, and takes any steps he can to fix them, or at least mitigate the damage.

Maturity (emotionally and mentally) is important in any relationship, but even more so if one wants to be my Daddy.

I’m fairly mature and self aware, and need my Daddy to be, too, if I’m going to trust him.

Nobody is perfect , but it’s very important that you are working on being the best man you can be.

Rest assured, we girls are working on being the best little girl we can be, too!

So what is Daddy for me?

little one

Daddy is my safe place.

He takes care of me and I can be myself, little bratty little girl or just the adult me and he loves and cherishes both.

I can really just let loose.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have rules to uphold however, in fact there is a great deal that I must follow, thank goodness that many of them are natural.

Daddy is there to give guidance, to nurture, to teach, to have a stern hand when needed, to encourage, and of course to play with in so many ways.  

A good Daddy Dom can be rough (did someone said a sadist?), as I’ve happily found out, sweet, strict and nurturing.

But the type of Daddy Dominant that I think about, dream about, has more to do with the order of the relationship.

Daddy runs the roost, the house and most importantly, his girl. He inspires respect and just a little bit of fear in his little.

Daddy teaches his little girl how to be the best she can be-with proper discipline when she’s naughty, with harsh discipline when she’s being outright defiant, with laughter to see her smile, encouragement when she’s lacking motivation, and always with love and nurturing as the base of all of it.

There’s nothing he won’t do for his little girl-because she is who makes him her daddy.