DDLG Advice Column: Daddy Issues (Episode 1)

DADDY ISSUES: A Kinky Advice Column

Episode 1: Am I A Little?

A new regular advice column featuring a special guest author answering your questions about petplay, dd/lg, and the kink lifestyle in general.

You’ve got questions….

I put out a call out in our newsletter for questions about the kink lifestyle.

We got a LOT of responses, and they’re extremely interesting.

We’ve got answers!

I wanted to get really good answers to the questions for you.

So I called in an expert.

Presenting…Lady Promethea.

She’s going to be answering your questions on a regular basis!

Our First Edition

In our first week, we have a question from an interested reader.

I’ve kept them anonymous, of course.

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Question 1 – Becoming A Little.

Dear Lady Promethea,

How would I go about finding out if I’m a little or not? I’m into BDSM and petplay, but is it possible to have a Little side as well?


(Maybe) Little In Lichtenstein


Dear Little In Lichtenstein,

It is definitely possible to have multiple submissive headspaces – littlespace being one of them.

Sometimes interest is sparked by something as simple as having a desire to use a certain object (example, a pacifier), or perhaps to exhibit a certain personality trait (example, innocence or naivety).  

The basis of littlespace is wanting to be in an environment and headspace where you can express yourself without fear. It is also a space where you can take on more infantile or less mature expressions.  

It is a space where you can release yourself from your usual responsibilities and feel safe knowing that your dominant (often referred to as your caregiver, Daddy or Mommy) is guiding and caring for you and your needs.  

The little space headspace is different for everyone.  

Some people involve an element of ageplay where they may act younger than their actual age and so may use “littlespeak” (using more childlike phraseology and diction), or even become completely non-verbal, acting like they only understand simpler concepts, enjoy snuggling stuffies, sucking binkies, drinking from bottles, playing with toys, coloring and watching cartoons.

These actions help them get into their little space easier and also act as a way to relieve stress from the day. Some headspaces have a specific age or age range, while others do not.

One of the ways to see if you might enjoy being a little is to figure out what about the dynamic appeals to you.

Do you like the idea of giving up control and responsibility to your better?

Does the idea of having that authority figure care for you, give you tasks and discipline you excite you and bring a smile to your face?

Do you find comfort in snuggling stuffies, relaxing to cartoons and coloring?

Then you may very well be a little.

Generally speaking, being little means being able to enjoy a bit of time in a world where responsibilities are set aside, you are able to be carefree, playful, feel cared for and safe.

I would suggest setting some time aside during your day to try some of the fun little activities mentioned to see if this type of kink appeals to you.

Enjoy your journey in little space!

I remain,

Lady Promethea

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