DDLG Advice Column: Long Distance Daddy Dom (Episode 3)

Hi there! Here at Little Space Life, we get a LOT of great questions from our email list about DDLG and the kink lifestyle in general. While I’m going to eventually reply to everyone (I promise!), in the meantime I pass a select few questions onto our resident sexpert, Lady Promethea, who does her best to get to the bottom of it.

Today we have a very common situation: long distance relationships. Sigh.

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Dear Lady Promethea,

My daddy and I are long distance. What are some great little dates that we can do together?

Thanks in advance,

Alone in Albany

Dear Alone in Albany,

Long distance relationships (or LDRs, for short) can be very rewarding yet very difficult relationships to maintain.

Distance can make the heart grow fonder but it can also place a wedge between the individuals.

 However, there are plenty of activities you and your Daddy can do together, even when you are far apart!

Here are some tried, tested and true ways to keep the fire burning and the loneliness at bay:

1. Voice and Video Calls:

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Whether you use Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts or Discord (probably the best method) you can engage in voice or video calls.

Sometimes just hearing your loved one’s voice or seeing their face is enough to push away the sad feelings for a time.

I would suggest setting up a specific time every week so that it becomes something of a routine.

2. Watch Cartoons Together:

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Using Discord or rabb.it, you can stream Netflix, YouTube, Crunchyroll… just about anything you can watch online – and be able to voice chat at the same time!

That way it is as if your Daddy is right there with you, watching your favourite cartoons!

3. Assignments and Tasks

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Maybe you are a little who has a hard time eating or doing chores.

Or perhaps you have activities you enjoy doing like colouring or reading. Work with your caregiver to come up with a schedule that you adhere to.

To prove you’ve done the thing, you can send gifs or pictures to your caregiver!

Sometimes you can even create a chore chart together that is updated throughout the week online which is especially helpful if you or your caregiver are too busy to voice chat or video chat daily!

4. Long Distance Sex Toys

If you miss sexual intimacy with your Daddy, phone sex, video sex and mutual masturbation are all very useful in a LDR.

If you and your Daddy enjoy impact play, purchase a paddle or flogger so that they can give you instruction that you follow through with while you are in the call.

If you enjoy shibari, purchase some rope, do some research and watch some tutorials on some simple ties that you can both enjoy.

If you enjoy your partner having control over your orgasm, there are wonderful distance sex toys that you can both use that sync up to an app through your wifi.

As you can see, being far apart does not mean you will have to be lonely! Give some of these a try and see how it can change your outlook!

As always,

I remain,

Lady Promethea