DDLG Quizzes!

Here is our collection of SUPER CUTE DDlg quizzes. We are here to help you find out everything you’d like to know about yourself, and make you the best daddy/little you can be! We’re convinced we have the best and most accurate DDLG-related quizzes on the internet.

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1. What Kind Of Little Are You

Are you a bratty sub? Or a cute little princess? This quiz will help you figure it out! It’s four different options to figure out what kind of little you REALLY are deep down. Whether you’re sure about what you are or not, it’s still worth taking–you might find out something you never realized about yourself.

2. What’s The Perfect Activity To Get You Into Little Space?

Every little needs activities! Whether they’re coloring, playing dress-ups, or going on walkies, little kids need to do fun things to really get into an appropriate DDLG headspace (“little space”). This quiz will help you choose a fun activity to do next. It’s really helpful if you’re planning a date with daddy, or just want to know what you should do with your afternoon!

3. What Kind Of Personality Will Your Caregiver Have?

Every caregiver is different. Once you know what kind of little you are, you’re probably ready to find out what kind of caregiver you’re going to have. Whether it’s a sweet and goofy daddy or a serious, stern dom, you’ll be able to find the perfect Daddy somewhere.


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