15 Cute Gift Ideas For A DDLG Little [UPDATED 2019!]

Buying gifts for a significant other can be difficult, it’s understandable if you might have a hard time deciding on the perfect gift for your loved one, and a little may seem even harder to buy for, but fret not, this short guide should help give you at least a few ideas.


Toys can be just about anything your little is fond of playing with, be it actual toys or simply small trinkets like bells or figurines.

Littles often use these things to engage with their more childlike tendencies by simply enjoying themselves and playing with something that makes them feel like a kid again.

These kinds of gifts are often very cheap but can carry a great deal of sentimental value if you buy a toy that figures in your little’s hobbies or favorite things.

For example, if your little is fond of horses, buying a pop-up book that is themed around horses may not cost much, but will certainly make your little very happy.

Or if your little is fond of sensory toys, buying a customized fabric sensory block could be a bit more expensive, but would also bring a smile to their face!

It is the small, personal touches that you can pay a little extra for that make toys such a great gift idea.

And if course, as always, stuffies are a great gift idea.

Littles are always happy to get their hands on more cute items that help them embrace their littlespace.

Dress Up

Littles have an affinity for many things they used to enjoy in their childhood, including activities like playing dress up, so buying them various costumes may be right up their alley.

It, of course, depends on the little, but some littles may like dressing up as wizards, cats, or even a fireman/woman or police officer, because sometimes, even though littles are adults, they may like to pretend to be other adults, too.

It is up to your sense of judgement what kind of things your own little may appreciate dressing up as.

If you and your little engage in a dynamic that spans across multiple kinks, “dressing up” may also include things like ears and tails, collars and gags, or even latex!

The sky’s the limit and it all depends on your imagination, dynamic, and the size of your wallet – but the potential for articles of clothing as gifts is near limitless with enough creative thinking.

Anything is possible with a good costume and a little make-believe!


A little may enjoy spending time in little space, but sometimes they won’t be able to do so.

So a gift meant for your little when they have to be an adult can be invaluable.

Adult clothing and perfumes may be important if your little has to go to a lot of business-related dinner events.

If they work at an office, perhaps some cute stationary could remind them of what they can come home to!

As with the other categories of gifts, this category is limited only by your creativity.

If you can think of something your little needs for their job or the times they can’t be a little, you can find a gift that allows them a small measure of comfort.

Jobs can be very difficult for littles, so giving them a something comforting, like a cute notebook or some crayon-shaped pencils can help them get through the day a little easier.

It can be hard being a little on a budget, but it doesn’t have to be impossible!

Here are 15 ideas that won’t amount to more than $20, so you can surprise your Daddy or Mommy with something special!


These are always a hit and allow for you to celebrate all year round!

It also allows for you to include some items that are more expensive during times when your wallet can allow it.

You can include coupons for breakfast in bed, back massages, pictures you have colored, dinner on you (whether made or bought), a movie night, free cuddles and kisses, and for those who want to be more intimate – sexual related items like getting to tie you up, a day where your caregiver can tease you relentlessly, trying something you haven’t tried before, oral sex, free spanks, being gagged for a few hours… the list goes on!

It can also include taking over some of the chores that your partner might do, if you live together!

Plus you get to be creative and make the coupons yourself!

Your caregiver will certainly appreciate all the detail and hard work that went into this type of gift, and I am sure they will love whatever freebies the coupons give!

Netflix and Chill

Allow your partner to pick the movies they want to watch and join them!

Maybe include some special time afterwards.

This is especially good for long distance relationships.


You can actually purchase undyed rope from your local hardware store for really cheap.

Cheap enough that you could also purchase dye and dye the rope your caregiver’s favorite color! Bonus points if you allow them to use it on you!


If your caregiver is the type who has to wear suits on a regular basis, you can purchase cufflinks at a very cheap price.

You can even find some cute unique finds on Etsy!

Handmade Card

Using construction paper, you can make a handmade pop-up Christmas card and present it to them.

Write in your neatest printing something sweet to show them you really appreciate them in your life!

And don’t forget the glitter glue!

They will certainly love the effort you put into it.

Not sure how to make a pop up card?

Take a look on YouTube!

There are a lot of tutorials that are easy to follow!

Hat or Scarf

For you babies in the cold climes, you can definitely find some cheap winter outerwear for your loved ones to make sure they stay nice and toasty.

If you are a crafty little, you could buy the yarn and knit or crochet a hat or scarf for your loved one yourself!

Otherwise bargain stores are the way to go.

Hit up Target, Giant Tiger or WalMart!


Make your way to the dollar store or a craft store to pick up some letter beads and pretty coloured beads to make your caregiver a Daddy or Mommy bracelet, made just for them, by you, with love!

Some may think this might be tacky, but it is sweet and will hold lots of sentimental value.

They can wear it as an anklet too if they need to be discrete!


Chocolates are always a good purchase!

You can even get a small fancy set for $20 or less.

Or! You can put together a sweets jar.

Buy a large mason jar and some festive ribbon and some craft glue from your local dollar store. Go to the closest bulk food store and load up on their favorite treats – chocolate covered almonds, gummies, hard candies, tin-wrapped chocolate balls, Hershey kisses, just make sure it is under $20.

Put them in the jar as distinct separate layers. Et voila!

Treats they can take with them and that will last them some time (or be eaten in one day if they can’t help themselves).

Maybe they will even share it with you, if you are good!

Hot Cocoa In A Jar

A similar concept to the sweets jar, you will need to go to your local bulk store and but hot cocoa powder, chocolate chips, sugar, creamer or powdered milk and marshmallows.

You can look online for the perfect measurements.

Layer the ingredients and present as a gift!

Enjoy it together under a nice blanket, or send it to them via snail mail.


If your significant other enjoys a drink or two now and again, find them a mid range bottle of wine, port, or a small bottle of spiced whiskey.

Simple and easy!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a welcome idea!

If you know your caregiver likes books, give them a gift card to their favorite book shop.

If they enjoy video games, purchase a gift card they can use on Steam or for XBox or Playstation to put towards a game they have wanted.

These are the gifts that keep on giving!

Socks and Undies

You can find some silly festive socks or underwear that can give you both a good laugh.

They will also be unique enough to set them apart from the rest of their undergarment wardrobe, so whenever they put them on, they will be reminded of you and smile!

Plus it will always remind you both of where you belong – under their feet or cozy in their lap.

Kinky Gifts

There are plenty of online shops that have a clearance section or items that are always $15 or less.

A website that comes to mind is www.sub-shop.com .

There you can find all manners of items that your Dom might be interested in using on you – blindfolds, gags, bondage tape, even some already dyed rope on sale!

Voice Recordings

A more intimate gift.

Make your Daddy or Mommy a voice recording of you wishing them happy holidays.

Include some singing if that is something you do for them.

You can even make a set, one for each day of the week and present it to them all at once so that they can have one they can pull up on each day.

It is a great comfort especially on days when things may be a little rough or not going as planned.

All they have to do is play the message for Monday and get instantly uplifted by your words of love and encouragement.


Sometimes, as much as we want to splurge, we just may not have the means to do so.

Do not worry! And don’t feel bad.

You Dom will certainly understand if you just can’t get them anything at this point in time.

So instead of being completely empty handed, give them an IOU for a time when you will have the funds to fulfill something.

When you do, let them know that you are ready to fulfill the IOU and they can either tell you what they desire, or you can buy something you already know they want and surprise them with it.

In Conclusion

Always remember, anything coming from you, no matter how big or how small, will always be appreciated. Because it is from you.

If you end up using any of these ideas, let me know! I would love to hear how they turned out!