How I Learned To Love Tail Butt Plugs

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I’ve never been the type to shy away from experimenting with new forms of sexual expression – a new position? I would want to try it.

A new toy? Let me give it a go! After growing up in a very strict household, having a chance for sexual liberty during my university years was a Godsend. I bought my very first sex toy the moment I had turned 18 – a little metal bullet whose vibrations were out of this world.

It opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for sexual experimentation that I had never had the pleasure of enjoying! Sex toys!


My first boyfriend and I were in a long distance relationship that started during my first year of university. Having met online in a Yahoo Euchre game chat, we had not met face to face, but often engaged in video calls during my first years of my pursuit of academia.

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We ended up being very much each others’ guinea pigs. Shy at first, I still had the urge to try new experiences. My motto, as I know has been a motto for many people new to sexual experimentation, was that I was willing to try anything once.

I would joke that I would try things at least three times to make it a legitimate experiment, but everything I tried, I repeated anyways. It was all so much fun. There were few things I didn’t enjoy.

It was with him that I took my first steps into anal play.

There’s A First Time For Everything

broad city 2014 anal's on the menu

He was shy to ask, at first, if I had ever placed anything inside myself… there. Being the good Christian girl that I was, I promptly replied with a “no”… which was followed by a mischievous, “do you want me to?” The concept was exhilarating to me.

Not only would I be trying something new that had intrigued me for some time, but I would also be breaking rules.

The taboo of things has always been one of the driving factors of how much I might enjoy something new.

What can I say? I enjoyed a bit of rebellion.

I started, as many do, with manual stimulation, using fingers to get a feel for whether I would enjoy more.

It was an odd sensation at first, and my shyness won out over my adventurous nature.

It was not until my second year of university and a third-year, eye-opening Psychology of Sexual Behavior class that I realized a great deal of what scares us about sex is purely mental.

Anal play doesn’t have to be painful if we manage to remove the stigma from it. That it was bad, dirty, inhumane.

Not at all!

The ass is a treasure trove full of wonderful nerve endings and erogenous zones for both men and women that, when teased and toyed with in the right ways, and with the right frame of mind, can open the door to immense levels of pleasure.

It made sense to me. The more you think about any type of play, and whether it hurts, how others will view you, the harder it is for you to really relax and give yourself over to it.

Your brain gets in the way and you end up focusing on pain, tightening from nervousness, and end up having a less-than-optimal experience.

Needless to say, I wanted to try again.


Second Time’s A Charm

i'm gonna look that up

I went online and did my research about how to approach it properly.

A nice, warm shower beforehand, slow deep breathing, start by being sexually aroused first with some foreplay, and of course, make sure I had the proper lube for the job. Taking care of these f w small preliminary steps definitely made a huge difference in my exploration of analplay.

I moved up from fingers to small anal toys, though I refused to use the entirety of the toy, wanting my boyfriend at the time to enjoy that first pleasure. It wasn’t until the second time I had visited him that we finally engaged in anal sex.

It was absolutely phenomenal.

We started first with foreplay. Lots of kissing, touching each other, getting comfortable with each others’ bodies.

After a bout of vaginal sex, I told him I was ready to try anal.

At first there was a sensation of pressure as it gave way and opened up for him. Then, there was the sensation of needing to go. At first I was scared and told him to pull out.

But once I realized that was part of how it would how feel at first, I readjusted my mindset and we tried again.

It was like flicking a switch. The orgasm was mind blowing for both of us, and it was the third time I had managed to squirt from sexual stimulation.

Anal was my new favorite thing!

It was not until a year later when I started to get into pet play and exploring how to enjoy my petspace that I realized tail plugs existed.

Fox Tail Butt Plugs

butt stuff

I had already enjoyed plugs and dildos on their own, but the possibility of having a tail and expressing that more primal, animalistic side of myself that manifested in my pet play was just too good to pass up.

My first tail had been a generic tail from a sex shop made from synthetic materials.

The tail was not very well secured to the base, so it did not take long for it to fall apart. I was heartbroken and so very disappointed.

I knew that my second tail would have to be much better. I also knew that I wanted to try real fur to see if the way it felt against my skin would be different. More realistic.

Spank Academy

spank academy logo

My second tail was from a place called The Spank Academy; an online shop from the US that made both faux fur and real fur tail plugs in various shapes, sizes and colors.

I spent hours on the website reading their descriptions, their FAQs on how they sourced the fur for their tails to ensure it was cruelty free, and found their longest fox fur tail. It was a 30-inch-long red fox tail. Vulpes vulpes.

It looked full, lush and luxe, with a variety of choices for the size and shape of the plug. I was experimenting with stainless steel after having tried silicon, and so opted for that option instead. The tail was $120 CAD, with shipping, but I felt it was worth it.

The moment it arrived, I couldn’t resist. Without a moment’s hesitation, I disinfected the plug and put it in. The fur was as soft as it looked, thick, though not as thick as I had wanted, and the perfect length.

Being a girl with a lot of booty, I wanted a longer tail to ensure it wouldn’t just be swallowed up and end up being nothing but cheeks! It was perfect!

Sadly, through much use and my love with falling asleep with it in, cuddling the fur, it’s life was short lived. The tail was not one long length of tail, but instead was made of two sections of tail sewn together.

That was the first part to separate.

The second was where the tail was secured to the plug. I had noticed it was glued on, and though I tried to reglue it, I was unable to form a lasting connection. The shop’s craftsmanship has improved since then, but I was very saddened and went back to using plugs for a while.

Butt Plug Expert

butt plug expert logo

It was not until very recently that I tried a tail plug again. My third was from a shop called Butt Plug Expert. I wanted to try something that was less expensive to see if it was something I would still enjoy. The toy was synthetic fur that was surprisingly soft. Materials had improved significantly over time from my first time purchasing a synthetic tail. The fibers were not course at all and the movement was smooth and impeccable. But it was just not long enough. It did, however, make me realize what I was missing, and I knew that I had to get another one.

It wasn’t long after finding the Instagram kink community and making a space for myself there, that I began to research my options.

There are so many pet play gear shops out there, many of which have their store fronts run through Storenvy and Etsy, with their Instagram pages being a place to show their new releases and pictures of happy customers with their purchases.

The options had increased and improved since my first two tail finds. Faux fur that looked and felt like real fur, real fur that was joined with more secure methods, new plug types designed for tugging and rougher petplay, tails that secured around your waist with a length of satin ribbon….it was amazing the amount of places and types available to me.

I will definitely have to revisit some of the good shops in the kink gear industry for you all to check out, but the shop I chose to go with was Vuzara.


vuzara rainbow fox tail butt plug

The shop offered both ready made and custom options.

The customer service was impeccable.

They answered every question and concern I had about their tails, from color varieties and length to craftsmanship and durability.

They were honest about their products – when I explained I wanted a long fox tail with real fox fur, and that I wanted it to be durable enough to tug, they explained that that would not be the best choice.

While they could make it, it would not last.

Real fur was not meant to be tugged, and at the length I wanted it, it would be multiple pieces sewn together, making it weaker and more susceptible to breaking.

This was something I had not considered before, and was so very glad to learn.

It also explained what had happened with my first real fur tail.

That, plus their insistence that the fake fur would act and feel very similarly to real fur, but would be exponentially more durable, sold me on the tail I currently have.

I went with a custom tail and asked for the longest length and thickest fur they had.

The thickness and color were custom tailored to my specifications.

The plug was a stainless steel tug plug, shaped differently than any other plug I had used up until that time.

The cost was approximately $140, but it was well worth every single cent. It arrived quickly and in pristine shape.

The plug gleamed a shiny steely silver, the tail was plush and thick, the fur long and soft, not at all stiff or awkward, and the length was astounding!

The plug was a little awkward at first, but after a few uses it became easier to wear and more comfortable to keep in.

To this day it is my absolute favourite tail. It gets me right into my fox petspace with ease.


My journey with anal play will not stop here.

It is something that has become a welcome and adored part of my sexual play that I wouldn’t give up for the world. If you are into pet play, or think you might be, I would suggest trying a tail plug. Work small and ease your way up in size and complexity.

Start with a small plug then work your way to an anal plug training set if you arent sure anal is for you or you’d like to start slow. Then try out a tail. something cheap but well made with body-safe silicon is a good place to begin.

Then, if you are bold and want to try it, stainless steel.

When you try anal play, make sure you keep your mind free of any anxieties or worry.

Use lots and lots of lube, and give it a try. It may not be your thing, or it may be exactly what you needed.