How To Be My DDLG Daddy

So, you want to be my DDLG Daddy?

Do you want to be a Daddy Dominant? Do you want to be my Daddy Dom?

Some of you out there are naturals. For the rest, here are some very important things that you should know!

Spoil me

Pumper me like I’m your little submissive girl 🙂 Take me to places were you and I can just walk together whisper naughty things to each other. Make me your little pink princess with blown up dresses and little doll shoes with short heels.

Buy me toys and accessories, wrap them with hearts and ribbons and see the stars in the eyes when I open them.  

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I’m your little one all the time, you have to show me that you are there for me as well. I love, adore, and need lots of communication.

Yes, I understand work and real life pressures, I understand when you can’t communicate as much as I want you to.

But, if you really want me, you’ll show it by keeping in touch as often as you can.

It doesn’t have to be kinky or sexy all the time, telling me about your day, your thoughts, the goofy/kinky/shiny thing you saw that made you think of me.

Honestly, if you’re truly interested/charmed/enthralled by me, you’ll want to talk to/with me as much as possible.

In my experience, the level of communication has been a huge indication of a potential Daddy’s level of intentions.

How to communicate ? Here are few ideas for you :

    • First text of the day
      Good morning texts are extremely important! I can be kinda insecure and I generally won’t contact you first. Lets me know that you are thinking about me. Strip me from my issues and shoot me into a great new day with you on my mind.
    • Let me hear you
      Your voice comforts me, excites me, and can take me to some amazing places. I need to hear it at least once a day to be truly content. Videochat is the best, but I will also take a voice message in hard times.
    • Love me, envelop me, encouragement me
      Just like any girl, love and encouragement make me blossom. As a little, I may need more than a grown-up. If you want to see me in full bloom, be my sunshine and watch me grow towards you!
    • Compliment me
      If you like something, mention it! I’ll be sure to do it more often and strive for even more of your approval!


Pay attention to me

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As a little in DD/LG, I try my best to obey all the time.

But that does not mean that when I am feeling insecure or upset about something that I don’t sway in the direction of bratty behavior, not disobedience but smart comments, petulance or grumpiness.

It is usually that something is bothering me and it is not time for me to talk to Daddy.

I trust you to know to handle me and bring me up from those dark episodes.

I like rules and rituals

Like any little girl, I like rules and want to be reminded where do I stand.  

Those things shows me where the boundaries are.

Like having a nice, safe, grassy, yard to play in, fences (and rules) keep bad things at bay.

Be the alpha male but don’t be a male

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Complex ? For sure.

Yes, I want to adore you, I want to follow you, I want to feel weak around you and I want you to be my guardian angel.

I want to be able to depend on you and be sure that you will take care of me for ever and ever after.

But…. I want to be proud that you own me (I also want you to be proud on me) but I would hate to see you cocky.

I want to pat you ego but I don’t want it to be the one that leads us.

Take control over me, lead us together to the better place that you plan for us but don’t be bossy and ignore me.

The plain vanilla-women stuff

Being a Daddy in DDLG is kinda like being an uber boyfriend and an even more amazing man.

A Daddy needs to be able to tell a little what he wants/expects/craves in a clear and honest manner.

Lying, cheating, consent violations, and abuse are anathema to a Daddy.

We all make mistakes, but a Daddy takes responsibility for his as soon as he realizes/processes them, and takes any steps he can to fix them, or at least mitigate the damage.

Maturity (emotionally and mentally) is important in any relationship, but even more so if one wants to be my Daddy.

I’m fairly mature and self aware, and need my Daddy to be, too, if I’m going to trust him.

Nobody is perfect , but it’s very important that you are working on being the best man you can be.

Rest assured, we girls are working on being the best little girl we can be, too!

So what is Daddy for me?

little one

Daddy is my safe place.

He takes care of me and I can be myself, little bratty little girl or just the adult me and he loves and cherishes both.

I can really just let loose.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have rules to uphold however, in fact there is a great deal that I must follow, thank goodness that many of them are natural.

Daddy is there to give guidance, to nurture, to teach, to have a stern hand when needed, to encourage, and of course to play with in so many ways.  

A good Daddy Dom can be rough (did someone said a sadist?), as I’ve happily found out, sweet, strict and nurturing.

But the type of Daddy Dominant that I think about, dream about, has more to do with the order of the relationship.

Daddy runs the roost, the house and most importantly, his girl. He inspires respect and just a little bit of fear in his little.

Daddy teaches his little girl how to be the best she can be-with proper discipline when she’s naughty, with harsh discipline when she’s being outright defiant, with laughter to see her smile, encouragement when she’s lacking motivation, and always with love and nurturing as the base of all of it.

There’s nothing he won’t do for his little girl-because she is who makes him her daddy.




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    She has play many times to bound here toy (cck) and was happy in the street that she has made my cock big that other can see it.
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    • What the hell…l understand that if your Little has a need she should tell you, but that is a bit much. No one needs to hear that sort of thing. I hope you love and treat her dearly, because if she is performing sexual favors for you and not being completely cherished, there is definitely a problem here.

  2. I am currently in a DDLB relationship and am in love with my adorable baby boy. He’s the sweetest, most loving little one I’ve ever been with, and I truly love him. This article was great for some pointers, and I really hope that I am fulfilling everything my angel needs. Is there anything else I should be doing for him?

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