10 Ways To Get Into Little Space Right Now

Have you ever had a rough time getting into littlespace?

I know I have before.

Oftentimes it is when external adult stressors are rearing their ugly heads and piling on so high there is just no time or space to get little.

My mind just whirls and swirls, locked in a loop where all I can do is think about all the things that need to get done, thus locking me in big space for far too long.

Age play and little space is therapeutic for many.

Allowing your adult brain the chance to breathe, to be silent and only have to be concerned with what cartoon to watch or which coloring book to color allows you to focus on something healthy and mundane, instead of pushing you into sadness, frustration, anxiety.

It is like a vacation for the mind. I know it is like this for many littles.

Littlespace gives them the chance to be silly, whimsical and enjoy their time without worry. It is a safe space where they can be their fun, carefree (not to be confused with careless) selves.

But sometimes littlespace seems to be just out of reach, no matter how much you want to slip into it and feel your happy smol self.

So what can you do to fix that?

Here are some tips and ideas that never fail!

Use a pacifier.


This is a great option if you have one. If not, a thumb can work, too.

Often stressed out or anxious littles fidget when they are overthinking – they will also grind their teeth or chew their nails, so not only does this item reinforce littlespace, it also helps to ensure you keep your mouth busy on something less harmful and painful.

Also the soft sucking sounds can be soothing and very grounding, which allows you to slough off some of the stress from your day.

Eat your favorite snacks and foods.

baby food

Sometimes it can help to have your favorite snacks in your favorite plate or bowl.

Try things that you associate with being in littlespace and things that are easy to do and do not require much preparation – Goldfish, pudding, jello, chicken nuggets, french fries, cookies, eggs in a basket, animal crackers, peanut butter (or wild butter) and jelly sandwiches are a few common choices.

Me? I really love seedless grapes and gummy bears because they’re small and have great textures that make me feel little.

Plus I can play at biting off the bears heads! Any snacks that might encourage little roleplay is a must!

Take a bath!

dog bath

Most often being unable to get into little space stems from being too stressed or worn out.

This is when you need littlespace the most!

Engaging in actions that are generally helpful when you are stressing can help you get to a point where littlespace is easier to get into.

Draw yourself a warm bath (or if you are not a bath person, take a nice warm shower). Use your favorite soaps, use bath bombs with soothing aromas like honey, lavender, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, etc. and soak for at least 30 minutes.

If you are feeling like you can be playful, bring some bath toys into the mix and splash around a little bit with your rubber duckie or other waterproof toys.

When you are done, wrap yourself in the biggest, fluffiest towel you own, fix your hair into easy ponytails and dress yourself in something that makes you feel little – maybe your favorite onesie, some pull ups or dips, an oversized shirt, or something in your favorite colors.

Listen to music.

pingu music

What they say about music soothing the most savage of beasts is quite true, so why not use it to calm your brain into a gentler space?

Some good ideas are lullabies, soft classical music, or even children’s songs which might help you get into the proper headspace.

YouTube is your friend in this case – you can find anything from the usual nursery rhymes to classic rock favorites that have been remade with soothing instrumentals.

Watch cartoons.

pony watching cartoons

Do you have a favorite cartoon that you could watch a million times and still love?

Right now, this could be the golden ticket to the land of littlespace.

Turn it on and sit yourself down with your favorite snack, coloring book, or stuffie and watch your favorite characters get up to their usual shenanigans.

Disappearing into a fictional world can really help to let go of what is keeping you in big space and open up your more creative and whimsical side which makes it easier to access littlespace.

Some great cartoons are My Little Pony, Trolls, Bee and Puppycat, Adventure Time, Paw Patrol… the list could go on forever!

Watch a movie.

disney movie

Some people swear by Disney movies!

Do you have a favourite one that you love watching? Aladdin? Mulan? Moana?

Put it on. Let yourself sing along to the songs, react to the villain’s mean plans and the protagonist’s success.

Snuggle with your stuffies in a blanket.

cat with stuffie

Don’t really have the energy to do much of anything after a long day?

Something as simple as climbing into bed, wrapping yourself in a blanket and snuggling your favorite stuffies can help.

It is especially useful if they are ones you really connect with in your little space.

Scented or weighted stuffies are also really useful for grounding you, so if you have any of those, snuggle them tight and try to clear your mind.

Drink from sippies or bottles.

dog feeding sheep

Who doesn’t love a baba of wawa?

Or a sippy with chocolate or strawberry milk?

Drinking from these will definitely make you feel smaller than drinking them from a tall glass or cup.

Don’t have sippies or bottles? Use a straw!

And make sure you drink something you would find soothing in your little space.

You could even do hot chocolate so long as you make sure the temperature is not too hot!

Little speak.


If you have a caregiver or other little friends you can talk to, use your little voice and speak in little speak if this is something you would normally do in littlespace.

Even if you are not in littlespace, faking it until you make it can really work when it comes to using this method.

Sometimes when I have a rough time and neither caregiver nor friends are present, I will pick up my favourite stuffies and have a little conversation with them.

I will ask them about their days and respond in kind. It can really help you get into a more juvenile frame of mind.

Hang out with other little friends.

Spend time around other littles.

I have found that being around and engaging with others who are in littlespace can draw out my own inner little.

Hearing them talk in their little voices, using littlespeak, engaging in non-sexual playtime like colouring, playing with sensory toys, building blocks and legos, watching cartoons together, can really help you get right into the proper space.

If you are like me and do not have many local little friends, there are plenty of online communities and technology makes it so easy to still be able to play with your friends as if they are right there with you!

Try using Skype or Discord for voice and video calls. You can also use rabb.it to watch cartoons and movies together at the same time!

Go to your favorite toy store.

toy store

Sometimes a trip to the toy store is all that you need.

Surround yourself with all the cute things you can all in one spot!

If you can, maybe even treat yourself to something new – a big floor puzzle, a new stuffy, some cars or activity books.

Think about what little you enjoys and look at all they have to offer to coax little you out of hiding.

Read your favorite bedtime story.

go to sleep

Read your favorite bedtime story or have it read to you by a friend, caregiver or babysitter.

Focus on the illustrations and the simple language used.

If your old book just isn’t cutting it, try a new book or one you do not remember the ending to, that way it seems like more of an adventure and less about going through the motions.

Give it time.

Sometimes you just need time to deal with what you are going through first before you can get into littlespace.

Handle your business as best as you can, allow some time to pass for you to get back into a state where you aren’t feeling like you need to be big.

Don’t try to force little space too much or else it could become something you resent. If nothing works then sometimes time is the only thing that will. It can be frustrating, but be patient. Your littlespace will return to you.

I hope that this little guide can help you seek out a bit of light when you feel like you are being swallowed up by everything else.

And remember, just because you may be experiencing some trouble getting into littlespace does not mean your little side is invalid. It does not make you any less a little than you always have been. Be gentle with yourselves and stay optimistic. Your little space will return before you know it!