Pet Play Gear and Tail Butt Plugs, Oh My! 13 Must-Have Butt Plugs (UPDATED OCTOBER 2018)

We humans often get bored easily in our daily life. From TV shows to our lovemaking sessions, we always need something new and kinky to spice up our interest. Thankfully, we are living in an era that has plenty of options to heighten the blissful orgasmic experiences. Amongst all the godly things available to us, a few of them are the Tail Butt Plugs and Petplay gear. Let’s take a look at some of the very best sex toys and find reasons why we need them in our lives.

Fox Tail Stainless Steel Butt Plug

Of all the tail Butt Plugs, this is our number one choice. As the name suggests, it is made from stainless steel and gives an amazing sensations in the anal region.  This butt plug comes in various colors that can easily heighten your sexual desire like Black, Pink, Red and Grey. You can simply fit it inside your anal region and couple it up with any sexy outfit while you wait for your partner to come home from work.

The best thing about tail butt plugs is that they are discreet and you can have fix them inside yourself and take them wherever you go to keep things always on the edge. When time comes and with a few correct moves, you will get the sweetest, eye rolling shivering orgasm. Very easy to clean and highly comfortable for prolonged usage. It stimulates the areas which have never received attention; ‘truly’ blissful experience. And yes don’t worry about packaging. It is extremely discreet.

Yes Daddy Tee

This cute little T-Shirt is perfect for times when you are feeling too feminine and want to be dominated by a masculine body. The Shirt comes in all sizes and feels tighter against your breasts making them and nipples pop out a bit more. Call your partner in a sexy accent after wearing this shirt and you will instantly have his attention.

Put those fingers in your mouth and take your partner’s name with a slutty feel while wearing this T-Shirt. Your partner will be thrilled to have your submissive attention and he is sure to grab every inch of your luscious meat. Bring extra kinkiness with our tail butt plugs and you both will get off like crazy.

7 Piece Bondage Set

Whether you want to choke, tie up or blindfold your partner, there is nothing that you cannot achieve in your bedroom with the 7 Piece Bondage Set. No matter how pervert you are, these comfortable BDSM pieces in different colors will fulfill every bit of your fantasy.

Choose from three different colors aimed at delivering a professional BDSM experience. The Bondage Set comes in three exotic colors of Pink, black and Purple. Fantasize your favorite man or woman manhandling you like a hungry beast. Exciting?

Pink Fairy Vibrator

This mini wand vibrator can torture (in a pleasurable way of course) the most insensitive clits. Especially if you are menstruating and feeling horny, this super cute and pinky vibrator will give you multiple wild orgasms.

With its humongous 10 inches’ head piece, you can stimulate the innermost parts of your wet dripping vagina. You can, of course, vary the speed allowing you to orgasm like a crazy nymphomaniac.

Flower Rose Stainless Steel Butt Plug

Want to feel like a pampered princess and a saucy fox at the same time? This beautifully flowered butt plug will help you feel like one and enhance your sexual game. Your anal region contains so many pleasurable nerves that this steel plug will stimulate. It can also be used by gays also.

Imagine your partner feeling the inside of your thighs from behind while analing you with this butt plug. Or you can simply slide on his pole with the plug inside your anus while your partner sucks the life out of your tities. You will achieve orgasms that will awake every cell of your being.

Rabbit Tail Stainless Steel Butt Plug

This squeaky butt plug with a stainless steel can be heated or cooled before inserting. Let your partner enjoy the beautiful sight of your ass twitching from the sensations of this beautiful rabbit tail plug.

He can rub your clitoris or squeeze your tits while poking this from behind in rhythmic manner. A perfect moment where you will cum like crazy. This butt plug is non-poisonous and you can even walk with it to the office or super market, we are just giving ideas.

Pink Silicone Anal Training Set

Want to get pounded by a bigger boy? You first need your anus to fit the larger member which can take you to a new level of orgasm.

This Pink silicone anal set is designed for this particular training. Lube up your ass and gently slide in the butt plug starting with the smallest member. Gradually your butt hole will widen up to accommodate the biggest dick.

Once you are used to it, be assure that you will be asking for a lot of anal sex. Designed to train your ass for everything, you can now easily hook up with the thickest of cocks allowing you to feel immense pleasure which rarely few women get just from anal.

Yes Daddy Panties

Wear these panties, not for just comfort but to instantly arouse your partner. Or wait; are you looking to meet that hot guy tonight and just want him inside at the end of the night? Then try the Yes Daddy Panties.

Imagine lip-locking your partner while he takes your lower off. You bend your back and what he sees? He sees a clear invitation, more of like a ‘begging to pound you like a bitch’ and no mortal man can resist such warm invitation.

You will get the pounding of your life and will cum so hard that you may have a hard time walking straight next morning. A genuinely kinkier way for a frolicking night.

Silicone Dog Tail Butt Plug

This Dog Tail Butt plug has a decent swelling head that will tingle your most erogenous anal areas. Made up of flexible rubber, you can slide in and out this tail butt plug with ease.

Rub your anal with the desired speed. Do not worry at all, this rubber texture is smooth while the tail resembles pretty much to that of a Dog. With the slightest of movements of your hips, the tail will wag and will make you feel like a horny bitch lying on all four that just wants to get thrust by a bull.

White Arctic Fox Mask

If you are into pet play, these masks (resembling the foxes of the Arctic) will simply spice up your naughty acts. The fur is extremely soft with a cute little button nose.

The fetishes of making love like the animals can be highly erotic. If you love seeing animals pounding each other, then this Fox mask will make your sexual organs heightened with ecstasy.

You can also use these masks to have webcam sex with other couples. Or you can make a videotape of yourself hiding your identities and let the other people jerk off to you online. The fur is extremely soft and very easy to clean.

Fox Tail Plug

There are so many options for color, tail shape in this range. Do you have an insatiable sexual appetite that needs experimentation? Or are you bored with your dull sex life and just want to enhance the experience with your partner? Whatever the case, these butt plugs imitating a Fox Tail can give you powerful seductive appearance making your partner sexually aroused within minutes.

The foxtail of various shapes can give such heavenly pleasurable feelings that you can probably keep orgasming with it. Even men in heterosexual relationships can use it to enhance their lovemaking sessions.

Yes Daddy Crop Top

These tops cover the half part of your mammary glands. No matter what shape or size your breasts are, this crop top ‘Yes daddy’ will ooze out your sexuality to the upper limits.

Let your partner come back from work and show up wearing these Crop Top Shirts. He will be mouthwatering seeing you in these Crop Tops and will just try to eat out those melons of yours.

Imagine riding on top of your partner with this crop top. As you can maneuver his pole in any way, he will simply be gazing right through those half covered breasts of yours making him stay hard for the session. A must clothing for any couple.

Yes Daddy Fancy Panties

Panties are the doorways to your glory hole. A powerful way to spice up your sex life is to wear these Yes Daddy Panties with different labels like “Fuck me Hard”or “Satan Girl”.

Show yourself up wearing these sexy panties and your partner will be aroused within minutes.  Let your partner gaze through those comfy panties while he thinks about ravaging that sweet little hole of yours hidden behind the sexy panties like an animal.

These were just a handful of products that we have in our store. Use your imagination, put in some creativity, get some kinky stuff and spice up your boring sex life. You will be amazed by what all you can achieve by just dressed up naughty or putting in a sexy animal tail butt plug or anal hook. Give it a shot!