Sex Dolls: The Ultimate Guide

What is a sex doll?

A sex doll, also known as a love doll is a replica  of a human, female or male that is “anatomically correct” as described in the movie “Lars and The Real Girl.”  

These dolls may be inflatable or solid, and are made of different types of plastic and silicone.

Normally these are  life sized replicas of an entire person, ranging from about 4 feet to almost 6 feet tall weight from 20- over 100 lbs.

There are torsos with a head but no arms or legs, which can be considered a doll.  

Any other replica of human sexual organs or body parts is a sex toy and not a doll.   

Not Just For Sex

Yes, dolls are a very sophisticated sex toy, but they are also used for companionship by many people. We’ll explore that in another article.  

Sex dolls come in different forms, but they should not be confused with sex robots which are a little bit more of anthropomorphic creations that are designed to exhibit more complex actions and will soon be enhanced with artificial intelligence or “AI.”  

Production of sex dolls took several leaps forward towards the end of the 20th century and by 1970, silicone, latex, and vinyl had taken lead as the choice of material used in making of sex dolls.

TPE and Silicone

There are two main material bases for Sex Dolls – Silicone, and TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer).

Silicone is considered the higher end material, primarily for its durability and quality of detail.

In the last several years TPE dolls –  once considered throwaway like inflatables –  have gained leaps and bounds in quality for durability an appearance.  

While a platinum cured silicone doll will last you 10 years if well cared for, a TPE dolls can last 3 or 4 rather than a year or so which was the case for a long time.   

Currently, both types are produced on large scale. Quality TPE dolls range from ~$1000-$3,000. While Silicone dolls range form ~$2500- $7,000 and up.  There is a doll for every budget!

Why a sex doll?

Masayuki Ozaki, a 45-year-old Japanese businessman explains the reason why he decided get Mayu, his doll. “Men expect to have someone who can listen to them without necessarily grumbling when they get back home from work”,  Like other men, he has found happiness in his artificial woman despite being married for years.

It may sound odd that a man who has been married for many years can find happiness and satisfaction with a doll who does not speak or move.

However, men and women like Ozaki, allow their dreams, imagination and fantasy help them create a partner and give their dolls a personality.  

Others just like to have a doll on hand to “take the edge off” when they need/want sex.

People’s relationships can fail for many reasons.

They may not like the dating scene or want to go through the hassle of online match-making only to have another failed relationship and the emotional stress that goes with it.  

You don’t have to get worried about the insecurity that comes along in relationships.

Maybe a spouse can no longer physically engage in intimacy due to medical or the conditions;  dolls are a way to maintain that type of relationship while getting one’s needs met.

For years men and women sought extra curricular lovers which eventually caused broken homes, hearts and the financial and emotional debacle of divorce.

Money runs the world, and it often dictates the success of any relationship.

Sex Dolls Vs Sex Workers

Other sought satisfaction through sex worker,  which now has risen to a new level of taboo with the crack-down of websites like BackPage and raids of massage parlors all over.  

The oldest profession is being targeted to bring more money into the legal system.  

The stigma of being arrested for patronizing a sex worker is much worse than it ever was.

Why risk embarrassment, losing your job, and legal troubles when you can have a doll?

Then there is the financial drain hundreds of dollars for an hour of pleasure and the increased risk of STD’s.

You will NEVER get a STD from a doll.   

Three visits to a sex worker a month can cost $600- $1000!

In 3 months you will have saved enough for a decent quality sex doll and then have sex with her (or him) everyday!

Personal and financial safety in the long run and not risking another failed relationship. Dolls are starting to sound appealing…aren’t they?  

Types of Dolls

Realistic life sized sex dolls have been in existence for many years, despite the fact most people find it odd discussing these human-size sex dolls.  

This observation could be attributed to the different cultures and beliefs that hold onto sex as being a sensitive matter.

As the world changes, more people of different generations and background are getting out to explore worldly pleasures without giving a second thought of what others might think of them.

More and more men and women of different ages and status are buying sex dolls as a way to fulfill their sexual desires and fantasies as an option to a human partner.

That is the main reason why TPE dolls and silicone love dolls are increasing in popularity, becoming intriguing yet remaining controversial.

Several manufacturers have gone as far as to experiment with incorporating artificial intelligence into their dolls.  

Let’s look at the two main types of Sex Dolls


TPE sex dolls are made from a ThermoPlastic Elastomer (hence the name).  

The material has recently become very popular for making sex toys due to its flexibility and softness and it’s price-point.  

The material is quite handy in making small detailed features that are crucial for a sex doll.  Some of these features include the nose, mouth and labia.

Some, believe TPE sex dolls feel more realistic due to its softness, and can feel like touching human skin. Other views see it as too soft.

The material does not clean very easily, it is susceptible to stains from clothing and can tear.  This is why TPE material is less expensive than platinum cure silicone.

The following are some characteristics of TPE:

  1. Non-allergic

Unfortunately, you might have had allergic reactions with the previous sex dolls making you to stop using them.

With TPE pleasure dolls, that’s been fixed with materials that don’t trigger any form of allergy.

  1. Odors

TPE does have an odor.

Better quality TPE manufacturers have been able to virtually eliminate the odor once associated with it.

Less expensive dolls still have an odor but have greatly improved in the last year or so.

  1. Feeling

The flexibility and soft rubbery texture provides you with the realistic feeling that enhances your sexual pleasure.

These toys are gentle, flexible, but with proper care these dolls are durable enough enough to meet your needs.

  1. Price point

TPE materials are less expensive than silicone but have greatly improved in quality in the last 2 years.

That makes them a great choice for a first doll and more.

The materials possess all the essential features that have attracted many people to use TPE sex dolls.

  1. Temperature

Thermoplastic elastomer materials are known to withstand the body temperatures but it not recommended  to heat them with heating pads, electric blankets, or portable heaters.

This can cause dents and malformations in the material.

Silicone sex dolls

When you think of realistic love dolls, silicone sex dolls are what you likely have seen.

Silicone sex dolls have been featured on TV shows like Real Sex, My Strange Addiction Vice and others.

These pleasure dolls are made using very high-quality platinum cured silicone.

Tin cured silicone was used previously, but platinum cured is much more durable and does continue to cure and this break down after 7 or 8 years.

Silicone love dolls are either made with a light usually foam based core and a metal and PVC skeleton with posable joints.

TPE vs Silicone Sex Dolls – What is the difference?

Both types of dolls come in different sizes and body proportions that range from average human woman measurements to fantasy sized breasts and butts.

You can choose from Caucasian, Asian, African, dark skin, light skin, depending on your preferences. You can choose what you like the most in terms of the skin tone, color of the hair, eye color and much more.

One of the most crucial parts of choosing a sex doll, is the type of the materials which the doll is made of.

Materials for TPE and Silicone pleasure dolls are almost similar but have a noticeable difference in feel.  

TPE is becoming more and more popular as many users discover the recent improvements.

TPE dolls are heavier than silicone dolls because they have no core.

The molten TPE injected directly into a mold over the skeleton and has to cool.  

The foam core used in silicone dolls would melt during this process.

The multi part Silicone mixture is poured into a mold at room temperature and cures around the skeleton through a chemical reaction.  

Both types of dolls have flexible and an articulated skeletons that makes them easy to position in different ways you never imagined.

As we discussed earlier silicone dolls are priced higher as compared to TPE sex dolls due to the cost of the material and labor involved in the manufacturing process.

TPE pleasure dolls are gaining popularity not only for their affordability but also, the material is softer to touch in some ways in comparison to silicone.

The two most important factors in selecting your doll are:

  1. Your budget.
  2. Your preference for the feel of the material.

Once you have determined that, you can select a doll and customize her/him to your liking!

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