Spring Has Sprung! 15 Fun Spring Activities for Littles

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it is finally time for spring!

That means trading winter boots for rain boots, heavy hoods for umbrellas, and pants for bare legs!

The sun starts to rise earlier and set later, meaning more daytime to enjoy and find ways to have fun in littlespace, and more outings!

What better way to kick off the new season than with a list of 15 great activities to usher in April showers and May flowers?

1.  Easter Egg Hunt

This is a great activity to do alone, with friends, or with a partner.

You can attend an Easter egg Hunt in your city, or if you are brave and have the means, you could even organize one for you and your other little friends!

If you have a caregiver, are a little shy and would prefer to spend that time at home, then your caregiver could arrange a hunt for you instead!

For whoever is organizing, dont forget to include lots of chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, and jelly beans!

You can even hide trinkets inside little plastic eggs if you’d like alternative options to just candy.

And of course, don’t forget that one special item hidden extra well for one lucky little to find!
Perhaps it could be a pacifier you’ve had custom made for the occasion, a stuffie, board game or puzzle!

Whatever you or your caregiver chooses, I am sure it will put a smile on your or another little’s face!

2.  Afternoon Tea

Care for a spot of tea?

This is something you can do alone, with your caregiver, or with some little friends!

Alone, you can gather up your stuffie army and your finest China (or plastic play tea set if you’d rather make believe), dress up in your finest little garb and gossip with your teddies and unicorns over who is the best dressed!

This is something you can do alone, with your caregiver, or with some little friends!

Alone, you can gather up your stuffie army and your finest China (or plastic play tea set if you’d rather make believe), dress up in your finest little garb and gossip with your teddies and unicorns over who is the best dressed!

Don’t forget to include tea and your favourite snacks!

With friends or a caregiver, you can organize a gathering in your home or out for an actual sitting of afternoon tea!

There is bound to be a place that offers tea service nearby.

If you are having trouble, check with some more prestigious hotels and quaint tea shops in your area.

Make sure you check with the attendants for any food allergies or special dietary needs so everyone can enjoy the lovely time out!

3.  Air Balloon Ride

If you aren’t too afraid of heights, schedule a little air time for you and a friend!
Enjoy the exhilarating adventure of the being high up in the sky!

Play some rounds of “I Spy” and point out places that you know.

Marvel at how everyone looks like little ants, and just be awed by the beautiful scenery.
Enjoy the wonder that littlespace and a magical balloon ride can bring!

If you are bored with your city and feel you have seen everything it has to offer, sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to rekindle that love!

Up, up and away!

4.  Video Game Arcade

A great activity to enjoy alone or with friends, a trip to the arcade could be just what the Spring ordered.

Bright lights, 8 bit music, and a nostalgic trip into the past, the arcade is perfect for reminiscing about easier times and to lose a few hours being carefree just playing video games!

I have found memories myself of spending hours and hours in arcades as a child and as an adult, smashing out combos and squealing gleefully when victorious.

Check your local arcades and see if they have any special gaming nights.

Some arcades offer one night a week where you can pay for entry and get to play all the games you want for the night.

That way it is a little more cost effective.

But if you prefer to go when it is less populated, then you can always stop by during the day or a quiet evening and enjoy some pinball games, shoot some zombies, win a race or compete in an ultimate fighting tournament!

The arcade is your oyster!

5.  Mini Putting / Bowling

If you enjoy something that mixes a bit of fun with some physical activity, then perhaps you’d enjoy a game of mini putt or a few games of bowling, both great activities to do alone or with a group!

If you have a large group, though, you may want to see if you can book ahead and maybe even get a party room so you can indulge in some pizza and popcorn after you’ve played some rounds with your friends!

Mini Putting / Bowling

Oftentimes both bowling alleys and mini putt venues have special nights where they have music, turn the lights down low and turn the black lights on for a glow in the dark experience.

If you and everyone else you may invite have no issues with flashing lights, this may be a great idea to take advantage of!

6.  Festivals

Spring and summer are the seasons for festivals!

Whether they are music festivals, like a jazz or blues fest, visual arts festivals with unique installments all around your city, a festival to celebrate nature and the beautiful budding flowers planted around town, or even a theater festival with Shakespearean plays, there is something for everyone!


Again, this is another activity you can enjoy alone or with a caregiver and friends.
Search online and see what is coming up close by.

Or if there is something in a couple cities over, make a weekend trip of it, if you can, and book an Airbnb or stay at a friend’s to save money on accommodations!

7.  Teddy Bear Picnic / Regular Picnic

Spring’s the time the teddy bears have their picnic!

This is best with at least one other person or a small group of friends.

If you have a backyard you can have it there, or if you want to make it fancy and can get everyone to pitch in to rent a gazebo on private property, you can dress in your public appropriate littlespace gear and everyone can bring along one of their teddy bears for a picnic.

Teddy Bear Picnic

You could even find a spot at a local park, sk long as you aren’t serving any adult drinks

You can make it like a potluck where everyone brings a dish that can be shared, get out some paper plates and plastic cups and enjoy a little picnic in the grass, under the sun.

If you want something more organized and fancy, and everyone is willing to chip in for the costs, you could even have a catered event.

Whichever route you choose, it promises to be a great time and a chance for you to get to know other littles in your area.

You may not even have to throw it yourself!

Check out FetLife and see if someone else has planned a teddy bear picnic, or suggest it as an idea on an events board and see if others might be interested in hosting or helping out.

It is a great way to get more involved with your community.

Think of it as an extra special littlespace munch!

8.  Flower Picking

As the saying goes, April showers bring forth May flowers, and you can take advantage of this by bringing along a little basket and picking some of your favourite blooms!
Some things to keep in mind:

  • be mindful of whether you are on public or private property and ensure you aren’t trespassing;
  • do not pick flowers that are illegal to pick (like state, provincial or national flowers);
  • make sure if you are picking wild flowers that you are not interacting with anything poisonous, like poison ivy;
  • be careful of thorny plants and weeds; bring along a book of common flowers and weeds in your area so you can identify them more easily.
Flower Picking

If you have a pollen allergy but still enjoy nature, you might be able to visit a butterfly habitat which might be less direct interaction with plants and pollen.

Another alternative might be to go berry picking instead if you do not have an allergy to those!

You can even use the berries you pick to make your own jam for PB&J sandwiches!

9.  Paddle Boating

If you are near water and have a marina in your area, you might be able to rent a small boat or one of those adorable swan or duck paddle boats.

This is an activity that is best with at least one other person as you can paddle in pairs!

A great way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors, you can paddle to a quiet location and eat some snacks, read a book, or just shoot the breeze with your companion.

Paddle Boating

If you pull up on the shoreline somewhere, make sure you bring the paddle far enough away from the water so it doesn’t float away and leave you abandoned!

Be sure to bring lots of water, especially in a hot day!

All that exercise and sun can leave you dehydrated, so make sure you are smart and prepared.

10.  Go For A Walk

Absolutely free and a calming activity to do alone or with a friend.
Taking a walk down the shore of a local beach or on a wooded trail or path can be a great idea.

If you are a little afraid and cannot go with a friend, make sure you bring your phone and a whistle to be safe and keep your mind at ease.

Enjoy some fresh air and light exercise, and let your mind wander.

Bring some snacks and water along to keep your energy up.

If you are an artsy baby, bring some art supplies with you and draw something that catches your eye.

Or if you prefer, you can take this as a time to be alone with your thoughts, too.

11.  Art Outside

This is one of my own favourite past times from when I was younger.

I would gather up a small group of friends and we would go to a local park with our art supplies and draw and paint our own little art, or bring along coloring books and color.

Art Outside

This is something you can do in public and still feel little without anyone raising an inquisitive eyebrow.

12.  Amusement Parks

Whether it is a Six Flags, Disney Land, Canada’s Wonderland, La Ronde, the CNE or just a small circus or carnival with a few rides and attractions that has set up in your city, this can be a great place to have fun.

You can enjoy some rides, eat popcorn and cotton candy, and play carnival games to win stuffies.

Amusement Parks

Another great activity to do alone or with friends, carnivals and amusement parks seem to be timeless places where you can spend hours having fun and not even notice that time is flying by.

Try a scary ride you’ve never tried before, or keep it tame and stick to the ones you know and love.

Get on a carousel and ride a pretty golden horse, pop balloons with darts, eat a funnel cake, check out the circus attractions if you aren’t afraid of clowns.

There is so much to do and see!

13.  Local Markets

Farmers’ markets finally open up after a long winter!

Antique markets have outdoor events where you can pick up some cute tea cups and old stuffies.

Local Markets

Bazaars bring unique crafts and wares from around the world.
You will also find lots of places with sidewalk sales in close by cities!

Take advantage of the nice weather and browse the market stalls to see if you can find something that makes you smile!

I tend to enjoy the farmers’ markets and love picking up wildflower honey, maple syrup and fresh fruits.

I also always find unique little jewellery and crafts and might even get a little henna tattoo!
See what your local markets have to offer and have a great time doing it!

14.  Play Dress Up

A simple thing you can do indoors or in an enclosed private space.

Tired of waiting for Halloween to be a superhero, villain, princess, prince, robot, police officer, kitty cat, bunny or any other creature or human you like?

Play Dress Up

Then why wait!

If you have some friends you can invite, throw a dress up or costume party, or check out FetLife again if you do not feel like organizing it yourself but want to see if others are interested in participating and hosting.

Or you can do this alone in your own home and play with your favourite toys!

Playing dress up and make believe is a great way to escape into another time and place and

let all your worries and cares fall away from you.
Give it a try!

15.  Volunteer At An Animal Shelter or Sanctuary

If you are a little who has the time and energy to give back to the community and be an altruistic baby, then this may be an activity you enjoy!

If you love animals and aren’t allergic to them, see about volunteering at a local animal shelter or sanctuary.

It will give you a feeling of purpose and put a smile on your face that you are able to help out your community and give love and care to some animals in need.

If you aren’t someone who is very attuned with animals, or can’t stop sneezing around them, you can also see about volunteering at a homeless shelter or food shelter to lend a helping hand preparing meals or giving out canned goods to those in need.

I hope that this list has helped you see all the things you can enjoy without even having to travel to far!

If you are a little on a budget, there are some great ideas that are cheap or free, and if you have a little bit of coin to spend, some more ideas that you can enjoy. Whatever you choose, get out there and try to enjoy the changing weather with some activities that will make you feel young at heart.